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Blow molding of plastic bottles, jars, containers from 5 ml to 5 litre capacity and modular blow molded parts for automotive applications.

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  • Kondor Plastics - Blow molding of a variety of packaging and blow molding container processing methods products, in house modular mold making and blow molding part engineering processing methods capabilities.
  • Yue Ki Industrial - Blowmolding and modular vacuum forming of plastic automobile processing methods parts, electric, OEM parts, and materials for building processing methods construction.
  • Shun Yang Plastic - Manufactures modular blow molded containers, transparent bottles, plastic processing methods boxes, processing methods and automotive components.
  • J. Mark Huckbee & Associates - Engineering and modular tooling for the plastics blowmolding molding industry.
  • Demco CC - Custom and proprietary thermoset modular molded products for blow molding the cookware, electrical appliances, mining, automotive and pharmaceutical blow molding industries, from phenolic, urea, melamine and polyester resins. blow molding Also, bottle closures.
  • Fortco Plastics - An ISO 9001 manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene molding UN-certified containers blow molding as well as custom modular molded molding containers and products.
  • Viscount Plastics - Manufacturer of a range of blow modular molded blow molding plastic products covering Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia blow molding and Thailand.
  • Heartland Plastics - Blow molder specializing in small to medium size processing methods production blow molding runs. A small stock cylinder line and processing methods a custom blow molding modular blow molder.
  • Western Case - Manufactures modular blow molded plastic cases; custom blow molding, in-house blow molding design, engineering, tooling and production facilities.
  • Ace Blow Molding - Blow molding of plastic bottles, jars, containers from molding 5 ml blow molding to 5 litre capacity and modular molding blow molded parts for blow molding automotive applications.
  • FWJ Packaging - Specializing in extrusion modular blow molding, injection molding molding and stretch molding blow molding of packaging containers and molding bottles. Innovators of plastic molding package design.
  • Midwest Plastic Products - Manufacturer of modular blow molded hdpe plastic parts including outdoor processing methods wheels, cases and custom contracts.
  • B&L Plastics - Blow molders of plastic parts, specializing in small molding parts and molding industrial modular design applications, from engineered molding and commodity plastic.
  • Shoukry Industrial & Commercial Company - Injection and modular blow molder of plastic containers such as, blow molding pails, cable spools, cups, bowls, jerry cans and bottles.
  • Lido Plastics Molding - Makes modular blow-molded plastic parts including snowboards, plastic molding barrels, jugs, and other blow-molded material.
  • Confer Plastics - Full-service custom modular blow molding operation, specializing in production of molding large blow molded items.
  • Indiana Bottle - Specializes in modular blow molded plastic containers in high or processing methods low density polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Eastern Molding International - Blow molding manufacturer of custom modular blow molded blow molding products, processing methods containers, complex shapes, engineering resins and panels.
  • Whiteridge Plastics - Plastic modular blow molder producing custom and proprietary products which include, dock floats, double wall cases and nursery pot containers.
  • Euro-Matic - Manufacture of hollow plastic balls for industrial applications produced by processing methods one piece modular blow molding process.
  • Custom-Pak - Integrated modular design and manufacturing facilities for engineered molding plastic modular blow molding blow molding.
  • StockCap - Dip molding company specializing in plastic caps, plugs, processing methods masking blow molding products, and custom modular molded covers. processing methods Includes video blow molding tour of the facility.
  • Ellapack Blow Molders - Custom modular blow molders for the plastics industry. Manufacturing plastic bottles, toys and industrial parts.

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