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Manufacturers of low volume components on short lead times in metal and plastics, using investment casting, CNC machining, and plastic injection modular molding processes.

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  • Modular Molding Systems - Manufacturer and distributor of interchangeable modular molding systems.
  • U.S. Castings - Contract manufacturers of rubber rollers, and cast and polymers compression modular molded urethane and silicone components.
  • Kitterman Plastics - Three custom molding processes -- rotational molding, vacuum forming and polymers injection modular molding.
  • Trostel - International designer and manufacturer of custom rubber seals molding and precision molding modular molded products.
  • Performance Urethane Products - Custom molding of polyurethane parts. Also, distributors of polymers natural and molding synthetic rubber.
  • Indiana Rubber and Plastics - Custom molded plastics and rubber. Special emphasis on molding innovative, low cost modular tooling techniques for both molding molded rubber and molded plastic.
  • Big W Industries - Manufacturer of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) modular molding, processing and processing methods cutting equipment.
  • Techmould - Manufacturers of precision rubber modular moldings, custom made to exact specification.
  • ATEK Plastics - Engineering, manufacturing, modular assembly and packaging of plastic parts. Plastic polymers injection and blow molding machines.
  • Fawn Industries - Manufactures electronic subassemblies and injection modular molded plastic molding parts and polymers provides industrial engineering and design consulting molding services. Online capability statement polymers and facilities lists.
  • Premier Products, Inc. - Custom rubber fabrication and molding, specializing in rubber polymers to metal molding bonding. Serving agriculture, mining, marine, recreational polymers OEM and aftermarket industries.
  • R.I.M. Plastics Technology Ltd - Offers a range of plastics moulding techniques. Can processing methods manufacture foam, polyurethane mouldings. Support services are available. processing methods UK.
  • SRM Mouldings Ltd. - Manufactures rubber moldings and associated products, using computer polymers controlled injection molding equipment as well as compression and polymers transfer machinery.
  • Thogus Products - Custom and proprietary injection modular molding of plastic processing methods parts for a variety of industries. Also, fittings, processing methods and nuts and caps.
  • Spectrum Plastics Molding - Full service injection modular molding company of precision plastic components.
  • GKF Gummi - Shaped components and profiles according to customer drawings.
  • Griffith Polymers - Open cast custom modular molding of polyurethane parts. Technical data processing methods regarding tensile strength, abrasion resistance, resilience, and other mechanical properties. processing methods Reference section provides a glossary of polymer terms.
  • Moldtronics - Custom plastic modular molder specializing in custom insert, molding thermoplastic and polymers thermoset molding.
  • N-K Manufacturing Technologies, Inc - Horizontal, multi-shot and insert vertical molding, using thermoplastic polymers resins. Also, molding secondary assembly and finishing operations. A polymers unit of the Nicholas molding Plastics Group of companies.
  • Thermech Corp - Manufactures Teflon coatings, powder and specialty plastics, ECTFE, molding PVDF, polyamides, compression molding modular moldings. Also, precise tolerance machining.
  • Lupton Associates - Gas assist, straight injection, and compression molding of plastics, rapid prototyping using quick turn-around in-house modular tooling. Also, metal stamping, fabrication, precision grinding, contract manufacturing for OEMs.
  • Dowell Trading Company - Produces thermoset resins for use in injection, modular molding compression and transfer molding.
  • Sundaram Industries - Custom made and in-stock, modular injection, transfer and processing methods compression molded components and parts for automotive and processing methods industrial applications.
  • Hooker Manufacturing - Manufacturers of low volume components on short lead polymers times in polymers metal and plastics, using investment casting, polymers CNC machining, and plastic polymers injection modular molding processes.
  • - International Mould Portal - An online portal for mould and die, tool processing methods and machine suppliers and factories based in China.
  • Sei Woo - Custom molded rubber products manufacturer.
  • Itran-Tompkins Rubber - Manufacturers of engineered custom modular molded rubber products polymers components for molding the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Custom Rubber Corp - Rubber manufacturer specializing in modular injection, transfer, compression, extrusion, finishing processing methods and secondary operations equipment. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Custom Seal and Rubber Products - Custom cast polyurethane and modular molded silicone rubber components. Also, prototyping, die cutting and precision machining services.
  • Colorado Molded Products - Online catalog of custom modular molded materials, products, processing methods and processing methods industries served.
  • Rodenhouse - Manufacturing plastic and metal washers for EPS, rigid polymers insulation, securing processing methods wire mesh, metal lath and mesh polymers for PM, PB, and processing methods modified stucco applications.
  • Cotsworld Plastics Limited - Manufacturers of precision plastic modular moldings for the polymers electronics industry.
  • Laser Modular Molding - Specializing in modular molding for the plastics industry.
  • Molding Solutions - Manufacturer of custom modular molded rubber and plastic components for molding a variety of industries. Perform clean room and medical grade molding molding.
  • Robax Engineering - Molding and machining of plastic parts. Short runs processing methods welcome. Covers, trays, shipping dunnage, and precision parts.
  • Hawthorne Rubber - Manufactures precision custom modular molded rubber parts.
  • Wentworth Technologies - An independent manufacturer of blow molds, PET preform molds, injection processing methods and precision modular molds.
  • Miniature Precision Components - Molded and extruded thermoplastic components for the automotive, polymers industrial, and medical industries. Also, assembly services.
  • Hillside Plastics - Supplies plastic injection modular molded components to various industries, globally. Company profile and contact details.
  • Unit Industries - Precision thermoset and thermoplastic integrated parts, using the molding modular polymers molding technology. Also, design assistance and molding assembly services.
  • Lomont Molding - Custom injection modular molding, gas assisted molding, and polymers structural foam polymers molding of thermoplastic resins.
  • Applied Polymers - Specializing in custom made polyurethane parts.

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