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Rotational modular molder of custom thermoplastic parts. Specializing in products with logos, inserts and complex shapes from engineering and commodity resins.

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  • ManU-Rep - Specializes in the sale of industrial storage tanks molding designed to help companies manage their process, day molding tank, and bulk storage needs.
  • Rotational Plastic Molders - Offers hygienic plastic pallets, containers, bins and specialty molding products.
  • Frontier Polymers - Rotational modular molding of storage containers, textile containers, processing methods bins, spinning cans, and a variety of tanks.
  • Multi Plastics Co. - Rotational modular molding of hollow plastic parts in molding single layer rotational molding or composite parts with two layers. molding Has the ability to rotational molding mold single or multi molding color graphics.
  • Kefco - Rotationally modular molded linear and crosslinked polyethylene storage tanks and rotational molding plastic intermediate bulk containers.
  • Poly Processing - Manufactures rotationally modular molded polyethylene storage tanks and processing methods custom rotational molding plastic products.
  • Coon Manufacturing - Manufacturer of rotationally modular molded boat dock floats, processing methods septic rotational molding tanks, storm shelters, bulk containers, trash dumpsters, processing methods construction materials, rotational molding and custom products.
  • Diamond Plastics - Rotational modular molding of large and small components for original processing methods equipment manufacturers. Double walled integral and seamless parts in PE, processing methods Nylon, and PVC in sizes up to 140".
  • Jer-Den Plastics - Custom rotational modular molder serving the commercial, construction, processing methods material handling, industrial, marine, R/V, agricultural and toy processing methods industries.
  • Comdess Company - Rotational modular molder of custom thermoplastic parts. Specializing molding in products rotational molding with logos, inserts and complex shapes molding from engineering and commodity rotational molding resins.
  • C-Pak Industries - Manufactures custom rotationally modular molded plastic products from polyethleyne, EVA, PVC, and Nylon. Design and mold making capability.
  • ASI Plastics - Specializing in thermoforming and vacuum forming provides custom design, modular prototyping and fabrication.
  • Plastigi NV - Rotational modular molding of tanks and containers for processing methods a variety of industries, from polyethylene and polypropylene. processing methods Description of rotational molding process.
  • Inca Molded Products - Offers custom rotational modular molding of plastics.
  • Ameri-Kart - Rotational modular molding of plastic components for the molding agriculture, heavy molding truck, healthcare, construction, and waste handling, molding industries.

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