Specialty Injection Molding Molding Processing Methods

Custom injection, modular and insert molding specializing in replacing die cast metal parts with injection molded plastic parts, offering design, engineering.

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  • Daneplast Ltd - An injection moulding and injection mould toolmaking company. Specialising in heat bending and bespoke point of sale displays. based in UK.
  • DeKalb Molded Plastics - Specializes in modular molding of structural foam plastic molding parts. Utilizes specialty gas-assist, counter pressure, and standard high-power molding injection modular molding processes.
  • Polyject Inc. - Molder of Custom Plastic Components located in Amherst injection molding NH, molding New Hampshire.
  • Heliro - Specialty precision modular injection molding producing micro-parts of specialty fluoropolymer primarily injection molding for applications in electronics and medical specialty applications.
  • Genesis Plastics and Engineering - Precision custom injection modular molding of engineering grade thermoplastics. MuCell microcellular foam process licensee. ISO/QS registered.
  • PURforms - Custom reaction injection modular molding of polyurethane components specializing in the furniture, medical and automotive industries.
  • B and B Molded Products - Custom injection, modular molding, and insert molder of injection molding thermoplastic molding materials for the commercial, plumbing, electrical, automotive, injection molding and toy molding markets.
  • ANOK Industrial Co., Ltd. - Plastic mold making, molding assembly and die cast mold making.baed specialty in GuangDong China.
  • Advanced Molding - Canadian based molder utilizing lean manufacturing and a specialty key supplier injection molding to a diverse number of industries.
  • Polyrim Pty, Ltd. - Polyurethane injection modular molding. Specializing in office chairs, molding handles, armrests, seats, automotive, and wheels.
  • Bauer Plastics Technology - Injection modular molder specialising in gas assist molding injection molding control and nitrogen generation systems.
  • Van Norman Molding Co. - Custom molders of thermoset plastics specializing in fully molding automatic molding, thermoset injection, injection compression, compression, modular, molding transfer and insert molding.
  • Frisetta Kunststoff GmbH - Injection modular molding and processing of flame-retardant and molding high-temperature plastics injection molding for dental hygiene products.Based in Schoenau, molding Germany.
  • EPW - Reaction injection modular molding of urethane and structural specialty foam of molding parts ranging from bus bumpers to specialty medical equipment.
  • Ash Industries - Specializes in the injection, insert and modular molding of plastic injection molding assemblies and components using engineering grade thermoplastics.ISO 9001 certified.
  • Agape Plastics - Custom injection, modular and insert molding specializing in molding replacing die molding cast metal parts with injection molded molding plastic parts, offering design, molding engineering.
  • A&M Engineering Plastics - Custom plastics molder specializing in insert and modular specialty molding of new and existing products for the specialty plastics industry.
  • Winley Polymers Pvt Ltd - India based injection moulding company.
  • MPS Plastics - Injection molds, insert molding, custom injection modular molding, injection molding product specialty design, plastics engineering, tool making, mold making, injection molding finishing, and specialty CAD/CAM.
  • Hiebert - Specializes in injection modular molding of small plastic injection molding parts utilizing epoxy tooling, a method of injection molding duplicating complex parts rapidly.

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