Synthetic Rubber Polymers Chemicals

Designs, develops, manufactures and sells temperature-activated polymer and membrane products for a variety of industrial, medical and agricultural applications. (Nasdaq: LNDC).

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  • Goldsmith & Eggleton, Inc. - Manufacturers of reprocessed rubber, masterbatches, natural and synthetic rubber rubber.
  • Pro Guard Coatings - Produces two component liquid EPDM rubber for roofing, rubber and corrosion rubber protection application, process tank liner and rubber heat resistant rubber.
  • Dayco Products Inc - EPDM compound with spiral reinforcement special insulation compound designed for synthetic cold climate applications .
  • Mirae Platech Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of a range of plastic and rubber rubber products, polymers including nitrile rubber, EVA, neoprene and rubber EPDM foamed products.
  • Firestone Polymers - A global supplier of polymeric materials to the polymers rubber, plastics, polymers adhesive, asphalt, and dipped goods markets.
  • Landec Corporation - Designs, develops, manufactures and sells temperature-activated polymer and rubber membrane products synthetic for a variety of industrial, medical rubber and agricultural applications. synthetic (Nasdaq: LNDC).
  • Dow Corning Silicones - A global silicones supplier offering products, technology, expertise synthetic and services for many applications and industries.
  • Sedo Chemicals Neoprene GmbH - German manufacturer of neoprene rubber and laminates, for rubber applications in polymers sports, medicine, protective clothing, and accessories. rubber Properties and specifications for polymers various product grades.
  • Crosspolimeri s.p.a - Manufactures thermoplastic and crosslinkable compounds with halogen free rubber flame-retardants for electrical cables, tubes and technical parts.

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