Silicone Synthetic Rubber Polymers

Manufacturer of self-fusing silicone rubber tapes for: bus bar, motor lead, coil, electrical-radioactive insulation, wiring harness, cable-terminal splicing, no residue masking, class h high voltage and corrosion protection.

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  • Silclear Limited - UK silicone products manufacturer specialising in the production of silicone silicone rubber products for surgical applications and dairy industries.
  • GE Silicones - Manufacturers of silicone products including a wide range silicone of high-performing elastomers, sealants, coatings and fluids.
  • Basildon Chemicals - Manufacturer of silicone compounds, antifoams and emulsions for rubber the food, rubber pharmaceuticals and personal care industries. Includes rubber product information and contact rubber details.
  • Groendyk Manufacturing Company - Manufacturer of hybrid silicone polymers, rubber sheets, buns, tubes and fabricated parts. Extruded and molded.
  • Siliconature Spa - Manufacturers of silicon coated papers and films for adhesive materials.
  • Novagard Solutions - Customized development of advanced silicone-based sealants, adhesives and synthetic lubricants, and rubber PVC foam sealing and sound deadening synthetic materials.
  • Silicones Inc. - Manufactures two-component RTV silicone rubber addition cure compounds synthetic for furniture manufacturers, defense and electrical contractors and synthetic medical suppliers.
  • Tommy Tape Manufacturing Inc. - Manufacturer of self-fusing silicone rubber tapes for: bus synthetic bar, motor rubber lead, coil, electrical-radioactive insulation, wiring harness, synthetic cable-terminal splicing, no residue rubber masking, class h high synthetic voltage and corrosion protection.
  • Britacel Silicones - Manufacturers silicones including micro amino emulsions, elastomers, silicone resins, cationics, rubber water repellents, defoamers and hydrophilic softeners.
  • Silicone Solutions - Supply customized formulations of specialty silicone adhesives, sealants, rubber gels and coatings.
  • Rhodia Silicones - Manufactures silicone products including, resins, emulsions, elastomers, gums, synthetic sealants for the construction, textile and paper industries.
  • Gelest Inc. - Manufactures specialty silanes and silicones including inert silicones synthetic for engineering silicone applications and reactive silicones for formulation.
  • RTV Silicones - Manufacture silicone products including RTV adhesive sealant, high silicone temperature, flame silicone retardant potting and encapsulating.
  • Wacker Silicones Corp - Manufacturer of silicone products including high temperature elastomers synthetic for automotive, silicone aerospace, electrical and other industries.
  • Ta Yang Silicones Group - Manufacturer of silicone rubber compounds, keypads, gaskets, membrane synthetic switches, polydomes, and graphic overlays.

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