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An association of building professionals in Boulder County, Colorado focused on making green building common practice. Includes calendar of events.

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  • Northwest EcoBuilding Guild - Association of building professionals and homeowners interested in ecologically sustainable building. Offers fact sheets and newsletters, event listing, and resource directory.
  • World Green Building Council - A global not-for-profit organisation working to transform organizations the property organizations industry towards sustainability through its members organizations - national Green Building organizations Councils.
  • Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems - Non-profit education, research, and demonstration organization for sustainable building types building practices run by Pliny Fisk, based in building types Austin TX.
  • USGBC New Mexico Chapter - Formerly the Green Alliance. Group based in Albuquerque NM that promotes green development through tours, seminars, standards, and educational displays.
  • Construct Ireland - Contains information, articles, daily news items, and a sustainable architecture directory sustainable architecture of contacts relating to sustainable construction in sustainable architecture Ireland. A sustainable architecture monthly e-mail newsletter is available by sustainable architecture subscription.
  • CEPHEUS (Cost Efficient Passive Houses as European Standards) - European Union official demonstration project. Includes goals, subprojects, conferences, partners sustainable architecture and information on what makes a building a passive house. sustainable architecture [English, German]
  • Passivhaus Institut - Information about passive heating in homes. Includes FAQ, building types checklist, organizations engineering recommendations, certification and building examples. [English, building types French, German]
  • Passive House Institute US - Consulting and research firm working to further the building types implementation building types of Passive House standards and techniques. Includes building types services, design building types tools, projects, news and events.
  • Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction - International group that seeks to promote sustainable construction. sustainable architecture Sponsors building types regional and global award competitions, funds projects, sustainable architecture and organizes building types seminars. Good conceptual information on sustainable sustainable architecture construction.
  • Scottish Ecological Design Association - Association formed to promote ecological issues for the Scottish building building types industry. Produces a magazine, sponsors lectures, seminars and workshops, and building types responds to government initiatives. Design guide "Design and Detailing for building types Deconstruction" to
  • Environmental Design Research Association - An international, interdisciplinary organization that focuses on environmental building types design organizations research that examines the interrelationships between people building types and their organizations built environments. Hosts conferences, publishes papers, building types and allocates student organizations research grants. Al
  • Development Center for Appropriate Technology - Non-profit organization that supports the development and use organizations of sustainable technology through education, research, and projects. organizations Includes information on working with code officials. Active organizations in revising building codes to include sustainable issues.
  • Green Building Alliance - Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that seeks to integrate environmentally responsible design practices through education programs, case studies, public policy advocacy, and public relations.
  • Santa Monica Green Building Program - Information on Santa Monica\\'s green building program, including building types their building types design and construction guidelines.
  • Green Design Initiative - An academic-industry-government consortium based at Carnegie-Mellon University to develop research and education programs to improve environmental quality while encouraging sustainable economic development.
  • Metafore - Group that seeks to change business practices to organizations be environmentally organizations responsible, especially regarding forest products. They organizations produce several documents on organizations integrating environmental values with organizations business practices, including "Wood for Building organizations Green"
  • Green Building Council of Australia - Group seeking to promote sustainable development and to encourage the property industry to implement green building programs, technologies, design practices, and operations. Developed the Green Star rating tool for evaluating building design.
  • Boulder Green Building Guild - An association of building professionals in Boulder County, Colorado focused on making green building common practice. Includes calendar of events.

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