Air Distribution Mechanical Materials and Supplies Construction and Maintenance

Manufacturer of Activair electrical heaters, polythene ducting, air coolers and fans for use in commercial premises such as factories, warehouses, workshops.

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See Also:
  • CFW Industries - Manufacturers of industrial fans and air systems for materials and supplies drying, dehumidification, dust collection, evaporative air-conditioning, fume extraction materials and supplies and ventilation.
  • Midtherm Group - Manufacture of flue systems, industrial and commercial fans air distribution including mechanical axial, bifurcated, chopper, paddle blade, multivane in air distribution standard and mechanical bespoke designs.
  • Aereco - Maker of humidity sensitive products including fans, controls, materials and supplies air distribution air inlets and outlets for passive and mechanical materials and supplies air distribution ventilation - France
  • Midwest Air Products Co. - Designer, manufacturer, and installer of air pollution control systems and equipment. Systems incorporate exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, mist eliminators, scrubbers.
  • Schaefer Ventilation Equipment - Manufacturer of air circulation, shutter and exhaust fans, materials and supplies evaporative cooling, controls and thermostats for industrial, commercial, materials and supplies horticulture and agriculture use.
  • Nailor Industries - Air control and distribution manufacturer of grilles, registers, mechanical diffusers, VAV terminal units, louvers, and dampers
  • KBE Lebanon - Lebanon manufacturer and distributor of air movement and materials and supplies distribution products for the HVAC market.
  • Sound Fighter Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of noise control wall system, industrial ventilation fans, and materials and supplies noise abatement products for air distribution applications.
  • Air Trac Corporation - Designs and engineers industrial ventilation, pneumatic conveying systems air distribution and air distribution services pollution control systems.
  • Air Handling Systems - Dust and fume handling equipment.
  • Ray Hudson Limited - Manufacturer of extractor fans and ventilation equipment for humidity control, air distribution air extraction and fume removal in commercial and domestic applications.
  • Penn Barry - Manufacturer of centrifugal and axial fans for commercial air distribution and mechanical industrial applications. Also makes a line of air distribution roof vents mechanical and curbs for roof intake or air distribution exhaust.
  • Young & Bertke Air Systems Co. - Engineering, fabrication, installation and service in air handling systems and sheet metal fabrication.
  • United Air Control - Centrifugal blowers, industrial fans, bag filters, air handling systems, and air distribution pollution control for heavy industrial markets.
  • Sodistra Fabrications Isothermes Composites - Manufacture of insulated components in polyester. Products include materials and supplies air distribution sandwich panels, air treatment units, custom made insulated materials and supplies air distribution ducting, accessories in composite materials.
  • W. Tombling Ltd - Manufacturer of Activair electrical heaters, polythene ducting, air coolers and materials and supplies fans for use in commercial premises such as factories, warehouses, materials and supplies workshops.

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