Filtration Air Distribution Mechanical Materials and Supplies

Manufactures air filtration and pollution control products and systems, including dust collectors, nuclear and biological filters, and gas turbine inlet air filtration, for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

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  • Purolator Air Filtration - Manufactures air filtration products to retail, wholesale, and mechanical commercial and mechanical industrial applications.
  • Oscar Air, Inc - Maker of commercial air cleaner air purification systems for homes, bars and restaurants. Includes technical data, testimonials, and product details.
  • Airguard - Manufacturers of air filtration products for the commercial, filtration industrial and air distribution institutional markets.
  • Air Care Technology Ltd. - Specialized in cleanroom systems and air filtration.
  • PlymoVent - Products include electronics, welding and mechanical industries as filtration well as filtration plastics, food and chemical industries.
  • Healthy Air - Offering air purification and dehumidification systems that bring filtration fresh, filtered air inside. Also offering mold testing filtration and remediation.
  • Trion - Air purification systems. Provides company profile, links, and contact information.
  • AAF International - Manufactures air filtration and pollution control products and filtration systems, including air distribution dust collectors, nuclear and biological filtration filters, and gas turbine air distribution inlet air filtration, for filtration industrial, commercial, and residential use.
  • Filt Air Ltd - Manufacturer of ULPA / HEPA filters and filtration filtration products for cleanrooms, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, hospitals, food filtration processing and protection against nuclear, biological and chemical filtration agents. Manufacturer of bipolar air ionization devic
  • Fitlration Group Inc. - A manufacturer and supplier of filtration products for filtration the hvac, mechanical industrial and process, liquid and safety filtration markets.
  • Koch Filter Corporation - A manufacturer of air filtration products and for filtration commercial, industrial, mechanical hospital, and paint filtration systems.
  • Air Quality Engineering - Manufacturer of air cleaners, purifiers, and filtration systems air distribution for filtration industrial and commercial use.
  • Camfil Farr - Designs and manufactures air filters and filtration equipment for commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing cleanrooms, diesel powered vehicles, and specialized OEM equipment.
  • Purafil - Manufacturer of air cleaning and filtration product to protect people, air distribution electronics, and artifacts from airborne contaminants.

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