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  • Matcor - Provides engineering services in cathodic protection materials and materials and supplies corrosion.
  • Corrpro Europe Ltd. - Provide a worldwide anti-corrosion service for reinforced concrete and other structures, offering ELGARD anodes, CP systems, monitoring equipment, engineering and commissioning.
  • The M.C. Miller Company - Manufactures pipeline corrosion protection software and equipment for materials and supplies the cathodic protection industry.
  • CorrOcean Inc. - Products, engineering, and services for corrosion and erosion site construction monitoring, materials and supplies asset integrity and risk management
  • Ansun Protective Metals Inc. - Manufacture cathodic protection anodes and sputtering targets.
  • S+R Sensortec GmbH - Production and distribution of sensor systems for monitoring of concrete materials and supplies structures. Products include schiesl-raupach anode ladders, multi-ring electrodes and expansion materials and supplies ring systems.
  • Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. - Full-service offshore company, supplying the oil and gas materials and supplies materials and supplies industry with cathodic protection and anti-corrosion consulting.
  • Anotec Industries ltd. - Manufactures anodes, used world-wide as components in impressed cathodic protection current cathodic protection systems for corrosion control of cathodic protection metal structures.
  • Gamry Instruments, Inc - Manufacturer of PC-based electrochemical and corrosion measurement/monitoring/analysis software and hardware, site construction including potentiostat - galvanostat - ZRA.
  • LP Hoying, LLC - International provider of cathodic protection power supplies, designs, materials and supplies manufactures, and sells photovoltaic power supplies, rectifiers, and materials and supplies other equipment for cathodic protection.
  • Seaguard Ltd - Manufacturers of corrosion monitoring equipment and marine data loggers. Marine and freshwater corrosion monitoring applications with low power instrumentation which may be installed permanently or used as a portable diagnostic tool.
  • Integrated Rectifier Technologies Inc - Designs, manufactures, and supplies rectifiers and control panels materials and supplies cathodic protection for the corrosion industry
  • Aurora Corrosion Control - Implements cathodic protection and corrosion control. Distributes anodes site construction from a range of manufacturers.
  • Corrocont Ltd. - Provides equipment and services for corrosion control, cathodic site construction protection and NDT for pipelines, storage tanks site construction and heat exchangers. Based in UK.
  • PermaRock Products Ltd - Manufacture materials for the repair and protection of cathodic protection reinforced concrete, masonry and rendered surfaces. Products include cathodic protection conductive coating anodes, primary anodes, reference electrodes and cathodic protection mesh anode overlays .
  • Clampon - Development, manufacturing and marketing of systems to detect cathodic protection and accurately measure particle flow in oil and cathodic protection gas production systems, monitor pigs in pipelines, and cathodic protection monitor pipe wall erosion and corrosion.
  • Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. - Manufacture sacrificial aluminium and zinc anodes. Includes a number of theory and practice documents. [Greece]
  • Directory of cathodic protection web sites - A directory of web sites related to cathodic materials and supplies cathodic protection protection. Extensive listings of companies offering cathodic materials and supplies cathodic protection protection related services, materials, and/or supplies. Lists materials and supplies cathodic protection of training opportunities related to cathodic protection. materials and supplies cathodic protection Other cathodic protectio
  • Norcure Chloride Removal Systems Inc - Rehabilitation of bridges and other concrete structures with problems of materials and supplies corrosion and alkali-silika reactivity . Includes details of technology involved materials and supplies and several case studies.
  • Corrosion and Condition Control - Suppliers of software and hardware for plant corrosion monitoring.
  • M+H Power Systems Pty - Manufacturer of dc power supplies for: electro-plating, anodising and associated cathodic protection rectifiers, electro-phoretic painting, gas production, cathodic protection and electrostatic precipitation cathodic protection battery charging .
  • Caproco (1987) Limited - Design, procurement, fabrication, operation and training services related to internal site construction corrosion control and monitoring programs.
  • Metalnastri s.r.l - Manufacturers of electro-conducuctive zinctape, designed to cover the surface of cathodic protection iron, steel, aluminium and light metals in order to protect cathodic protection them from corrosion. Based on cathodic protection. [Italy]
  • SCCS - Southern Corrosion Control Services Pty Ltd - Providers of Cathodic Protection and corrosion services and equipment.
  • AnchorGuard - Manufactures a corrosion control system which provide and monitor cathodic protection for guyed towers.
  • Electrochemical Devices, Inc. - Design and manufacture of products for monitoring and controlling corrosion. cathodic protection Permanent reference electrodes for continuously monitoring the potential of a cathodic protection structure.
  • CPI - Grønvold & Karnov - Design, develop and produce systems for impressed current cathodic protection cathodic protection of reinforcement steel in concrete, steel frames in stone buildings cathodic protection and submersed steel or reinforced concrete.
  • ELTECH Systems Corporation - Manufacturers of composite anodes. Includes an online groundbed design program, cathodic protection a products catalog, and technical information about composite and mixed cathodic protection metal oxide anodes.
  • BAC Corrosion Control - Specialists in cathodic protection systems for fast ferries, cathodic protection industrial materials and supplies plant, and equipment.
  • The D.E. Stearns Company - Manufacturers of high and low voltage holiday detectors cathodic protection for site construction detecting flaws in protective coatings and films. cathodic protection Instrument sales site construction and rentals available.
  • Cormon Ltd - Specification, design and assembly of integrated corrosion monitoring packages, including instrumentation and sensors for the oil and gas industry, serving both the upstream and downstream markets.
  • Tinker & Rasor - Manufacturers of holiday detectors, pipe and cable locators, materials and supplies site construction cathodic protection test stations and other corrosion related materials and supplies site construction instruments. Includes a product catalog, application notes and materials and supplies site construction operating instructions .
  • Loresco International - Manufactures carbon backfill products for the cathodic protection cathodic protection and site construction electrical grounding industries.
  • AiMS - Achilles interactive Management Server - Provides monitoring and control systems for all aspects materials and supplies of corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel-framed structures.
  • KH Design and Development - Electrochemical corrosion measurement and control consultancy. Includes a cathodic protection corrosion cathodic protection monitoring primer describing various electrochemical techniques and cathodic protection a collection cathodic protection of papers on electrochemical noise.
  • Permascand AB - Manufacture dimensionally stable anodes for the chlor-alkali industry site construction . Includes overview and specifications of product groups, site construction company news and related sites .
  • CSCL Home Page - Suppliers of cathodic and anodic protection systems and site construction remote cathodic protection data logging for corrosion monitoring.
  • Virginia Technologies Inc - Manufacture an embeddable non-destructive evaluation (NDE) corrosion-monitoring instrument site construction for cathodic protection steel reinforced concrete structures.
  • Tinker and Rasor Test Stations - Cathodic protection Test Stations for above ground applications.
  • - Cathodic protection materials, equipment and supplies for corrosion control.
  • Pipeline Inspection Co. Ltd - Supply holiday detectors, pig trackers, and fault finders. cathodic protection Includes materials and supplies technical tips and voltage selection guide.
  • YUXI Cathodic Protection Co.,Ltd. - Materials supplier in China, focused on corrosion control materials and supplies site construction and providing integrated series of materials such as materials and supplies site construction anodes, backfills, and cables.
  • Liuzhou Gainer Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd - Manufactures zinc ribbon anodes. Includes fabrication process, features, and applications.
  • Euro Titan UK Ltd - Manufacturer of sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection site construction anodes site construction in titanium, magnesium, aluminium, zinc and other site construction alloys. Can site construction manufacture and supply wide range of site construction CP anodes meeting site construction various international specifications.
  • Accurate Corrosion Monitoring Company - Supply retractable quills, spray nozzles, pneumatic atomizers, corrosion cathodic protection coupon site construction holders and related equipment to the pipeline, cathodic protection oil and site construction gas production, and refining industry .
  • Cathodic Protection Company Ltd - Provide survey, design, supply of materials,and installation of site construction cathodic protection systems.
  • Mesa Products - Full-service cathodic protection for a wide variety of applications including materials and supplies pipelines, distribution systems, tanks, refineries and offshore. Includes online catalog.
  • Castle Electrodes Ltd - Supplier of reference electrodes to the construction industry. Manufacture to site construction custom products and supply on a world-wide basis.
  • Rowan Technologies Ltd. - Provides advanced monitoring and corrosion control systems to industry for site construction corrosion risk assessment and prevention. Expertise in civil engineering and site construction heritage projects.
  • Titanium Tantalum Products Limited - Manufactures mixed metal and sacrificial anodes, titanium pumps site construction and cathodic protection valves, heat exchangers, and blowers .
  • METALogic NV - In-service corrosion monitoring and evaluation, on-stream corrosion rate materials and supplies measurements, evaluation and control of protective measures.
  • Marpo Ltd - Commercial representative and designer for cathodic protection, electrolytic antifouling and materials and supplies power systems. Exclusive representative of Corrpro companies Europe. Greece .
  • Corrosion Monitoring Information - Corrosion monitoring strategies, sensors and techniques.

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