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Supplies for pet birds include cages, feeders, perches, toys and food.

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  • Corners Limited - Specializes in making custom cages for birds and other small animals. Produces a line of standard cages and aviaries.
  • Avian Adventures - Manufacturer of bird cages, and other accessories, from macaw to pet supplies finch sized birds. Located in Dallas, Texas.
  • Bird Munchies Pty Ltd - Manufacturer of bird treats, located in Australia.
  • Northwest Cages - Manufacturer of custom stainless steel cages for large birds birds. Products and contact information.
  • Kings Cages - Manufacturer of cages, stands and toys for budgie to macaw pet supplies sized birds.
  • Aviary Express, Inc. - Wholesale supply of parakeets and baby birds to pet stores across North America. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
  • The Leather Elves - Produces bird toys made with leather, wood, dried consumer goods and services fruit and nuts for small up to large consumer goods and services birds.
  • JungleTalk - Manufactures bird toys for finch up to macaw sized birds.
  • Jerry 's Hand Made Pigeon Traps - Features product descriptions and photographs. Located in Picayune, birds Mississippi, USA.
  • Adams Specialty Products - Produces handcrafted pet bird products including toys, playpens consumer goods and pet supplies services and stands. Located in Titusville, Florida.

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