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Manufacturers of rigs (parachutes) for skydiving. (Note that "Skydiving" and "Parachuting" mean the same thing).

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  • Paratec - German manufacturer of parachutes, including the Next container, sporting goods the skydiving Fandango, Balance, Quadra and Super-7 mains, and sporting goods the Speed skydiving 2000 reserve. Printable order forms.
  • Performance Variable - Manufacturer of "Contrail" and "Spark" main canopies, "Quick sporting goods Reserve" rigs reserve canopies, "Omega" containers and the "Performance sporting goods Tandem" tandem rigs container.
  • Strong Enterprises - Manufactures Quasar containers and Stellar canopies. Product information, printable order forms.
  • Bourdon Forge Company - Manufactures safety, parachute and racing harness hardware. Products and specifications.
  • Jump Shack - Manufactures Racer containers, Mentor, Blackhawk, and Basix mains, skydiving and Angelfire rigs reserves. Online shopping for a skydiving range of skydiving equipment. rigs Photo gallery.

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