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Manufacturers of skydiving canopies. (Note that "Skydiving" and "Parachuting" mean the same thing).

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  • Performance Designs Inc. - Manufacturers of Verlocity, Spectre, Stiletto, Sabre, Lightning, Sillouette, PD Reserve, PD 7 Cell, PD 9 Cell, Navigator and Vengeance canopies. Product information, printable order forms.
  • Flight Concepts International - Manufacturers of 7 and 9 cell canopies, CRW, rigs Reserve, Accuracy, and powered parachutes. Printable order rigs forms, dealer list.
  • Aerodyne Research - Manufactures Triathlon and Diablo series parachutes. Sells canopies and rigging supplies. Printable order form. Dealer list. Photo gallery.
  • Big Air Sport - Makers of the Samurai, Lotus, Ninja, and Genesis parachutes. Printable order forms.

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