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Manufactures dive and pet gear including gauge retractors, octopus holders, coiled light lanyards, gear clips and other diving accessories, dog leashes, harnesses, collars, straps, lanyards, tethers and other pet accessories. Includes complete product li

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  • Proteye - Manufacturer of corrective diving lenses and swimming goggles. Netherlands.
  • Underwater Kinetics - Manufacturer of dive lights, cases, hangers and accessories.
  • Ballistic Diving Products - Manufacturer of stainless steel equipment such as HID water sports lighting scuba diving systems, battery pack and accessories. Australia.
  • Jax Europe - Makes devices that eliminates friction on the gums, scuba diving relaxes the jaw muscles, and safeguards the jaw scuba diving articulation.
  • Pioneer Ind. - Manufacturer of stainless steel spring fin straps, with scuba diving photographs, scuba diving and list of dealers. Northridge, California.
  • Dive Alert - Makes a devices that gives the ability to scuba diving signal scuba diving on the surface using a loud air scuba diving horn. Washington, scuba diving USA.
  • Cetacea Corporation - Manufactures dive and pet gear including gauge retractors, accessories octopus holders, water sports coiled light lanyards, gear clips and accessories other diving accessories, water sports dog leashes, harnesses, collars, accessories straps, lanyards, tethers and other pet water sports accessories. Includes accessories complete product li
  • Micropore - Designs and manufactures solid CO2 adsorbents and scrubber canisters for the re-breather scuba diving industry. Delaware, USA.
  • Slic Dive and Aquaria - Makes dive flags and floats and fish collecting water sports nets. USA.
  • RedTech - Manufacturer of BCD-s and accessories for technical and scuba diving recreational diving. Croatia.
  • DiveKit UK - Makes accessories such as reel, clamps and rattles.
  • Tomcat Industries - Manufacturer PVC Plastisol handle grips, end caps, covers water sports and water sports tubes, garlic peelers, trailer ball covers, and water sports ankle weights water sports for diving and stainless steel dry water sports suit hangers. water sports Also do custom PVC dip water sports coatings and PVC spray water sports on coatings.
  • Ocean Master - Manufacturer of the Dry Snorkel 2000, masks, knives scuba diving and scuba diving accessories.
  • Ultimate Products - Makes brackets for twins and pony bottles for scuba diving scuba accessories diving, tank brackets for rebreathers and scuba scuba diving accessories.

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