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Manufacturer of the ProEar 2000 - the diving mask which keeps the divers ears dry, protecting them from problems related to pressure and infection from water borne organisms.

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  • Apollo Sports - Manufacturer of scuba diving equipment such as dive gear, parts. water sports Provides equipment repair manuals. USA.
  • HydroOptix - Scuba masks that quadruple underwater field-of-view compared to sporting goods flat water sports masks. The optics were designed by sporting goods the engineers water sports NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy sporting goods Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Marine Technology Development Inc. - Frog and Gator closed circuit scuba systems or rebreathers.
  • SeaQuest - Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.
  • Zeagle Systems, Inc. - Offering a full line of scuba diving equipment sporting goods and compressed neoprene and trilaminate drysuits.
  • Omersub - Manufacturers of spearfishing, freediving, scuba and diving equipment. Italy.
  • Dive Rite - Manufacturer of full line technical and recreational scuba diving equipment water sports such as gear, dive computers and software, lighting systems, hardware water sports and accessories. Florida, USA.
  • Aqua Lung - The oldest dive manufacturer, formerly known as U.S. Divers in scuba diving the U.S.
  • Stomatex - Manufacturer of breathable neoprene fabrics and neoprene materials sporting goods used sporting goods for protective clothing, sports and orthopeadic supports. sporting goods UK.
  • Hartenberger - Manufacturer of a variety of underwater and rechargeable water sports lamp. water sports Germany.
  • Rob Allen - Manufacturers and exporters of free diving and spear scuba diving fishing equipment such as speargun and spring steel scuba diving spears. South Africa.
  • O.M.G. - Provides military and professional products such as closed and semi-closed circuit rebreathers, underwater communication systems, supports and accessories for tactical diving activities.
  • Official Dive Gear Page - An extensive table of scuba diving equipment manufacturers sporting goods with scuba diving product categories and links. sporting goods Categories include scuba diving most any dive equipment and accessories sporting goods from mask and scuba diving fins to diver propulsion vehicles, sporting goods oxygen analyzers, and underwater scuba diving photography equip
  • Armor Bags - Making gear bags, backpacks, wheeled bags, accessory bags water sports for regulators and dive computers, and soft weight water sports belts.
  • XS Scuba - Manufactures scuba weight belts. Includes contact information.
  • Riffe - Manufacturer of teak and aluminum spearguns and accessories. scuba diving Located scuba diving in San Clemente, California.
  • Oceanic - Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and accessories, including sporting goods diver propulsion vehicles.
  • Safe Dive Ltd. - Manufacturer of the ProEar 2000 - the diving scuba diving mask water sports which keeps the divers ears dry, protecting scuba diving them from water sports problems related to pressure and infection scuba diving from water borne water sports organisms.
  • Manta Industries Inc. - Manufacturers of dive reels, light kits, tank racks, and diving sporting goods accessories.
  • Dive Tech - Canadian manufacturer of commercial, technical, and custom scuba water sports diving equipment, including lights, reels, pony bottle and water sports dive light brackets, twin bands, and tank cages. water sports Products will also support cave and wreck water sports penetration divers.
  • Leonard Maggiore Optician - Prescription dive mask and eye glass prescription manufacturer.
  • Poseidon Diving Systems - Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment, including scuba diving drysuits and the Cyklon and Odin regulators.
  • Aquatec USA - Manufacturer of LED torch, buoyancy compensating devices (BCD\\'s) and accessories sporting goods and knives. California, USA.
  • V4tec - Manufactures gadgets for technical diving including tank bands and backplates. Germany.
  • DIVEmar inc. - Canadian distributor for Cressi-sub equipment, Pelican lights and cases, and sporting goods NAUI products. Manufacturer of Durward Ankle Weights and Port-O-Tank sporting goods scuba tank carriers.
  • Seac Sub - Italian manufacturer of scuba, snorkeling, and apnea equipment and related sporting goods accessories. Includes technical specifications, dive center links, and exhibition schedule.
  • Cochran Undersea Technology - Manufacturer of dive computers, regulators, and a closed circuit rebreather.
  • Dacor - Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.
  • Genesis Scuba - A full line scuba equipment manufacturer.
  • Halcyon - Manufacturer of technical dive gear following the DIR water sports principle scuba diving used by many. The online guide to water sports "Doing It scuba diving Right" features articles, information, links, and water sports equipment news targeted scuba diving to the technical diver.
  • Sherwood Scuba - Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.
  • Deep Sea Supply - Makes dive equipment such as backplates, harnesses, and scuba diving buoyancy sporting goods compensation devices. California, USA.
  • Sommap - French marker of diving equipment including masks, fins, scuba diving snorkels, scuba diving spearguns and accessories. Includes photos and contact scuba diving information. [English, scuba diving French, Deutsch]
  • Shark Marine - Manufactures and supplies remotely operated vehicles, cameras, oceanographic sporting goods equipment, water sports and ancillary services for underwater investigation, research, sporting goods and construction water sports projects. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, sporting goods Canada.
  • BlackArt - Designer, manufacturer and online retailer of technical diving equipment such sporting goods as backplates, wings, hoses and rigging, HID lighting, and fin sporting goods spring straps. Australia.
  • Suunto - Manufacturer of dive computers, heart rate monitors and scuba diving outdoor sports instruments.
  • Cressi-sub - Manufacturer of scuba and free diving equipment.
  • Metalsub - Manufacturer of dive and spearfishing equipment, specility in sporting goods stainless sporting goods steel equipment such as valves, hoses and sporting goods spear-points.
  • Orca Trading Dive Shop - Retailer and manufacturer of spearguns and accessories. South scuba diving Africa.
  • Subsalve USA - Manufacturer of inflatable such as underwater lift bags, water sports salvage, diving supplies, recreational dive equipment and underwater water sports explosive ordnance disposal systems.
  • Cressi-sub's - Makes full range of professional diving equipment.
  • Atlantic Sports International - Scuba accessories and diving kits.
  • Apollo - International manufacturers of scuba diving equipment. Includes product scuba diving information water sports and online shopping for USA shoppers.
  • Aeris - Dive computers for air and nitrox diving, analog sporting goods instrumentation, and the Voyager diver propulsion vehicle.
  • Ocean Adventures - Manufacturers of supplied air snorkeling buoyancy vests for sporting goods youth, scuba diving also known as SASY. Includes product description, sporting goods wholesale instructions, scuba diving and contact information.
  • Stonefish Diving Systems - Manufacturer of equipment such as wing or back sporting goods inflation systems and accessories. South Africa.
  • Sport Divers Supplies Ltd - New Zealand supplier of diving equipment from manufacturers water sports including SportDive, Genesis, Ikelite, and Force Fins.
  • Alpha Diving Products - Manufacturer of diving equipment, reels, dive torches and water sports underwater sporting goods video lights. Australia.
  • Marine Activities Development - Manufacturers of the MAD scuba gauge cage, protecting scuba diving your scuba diving scuba diving computer from damage.
  • JBL Enterprises, Inc. - Manufacturers of sling powered spearguns, travel spearguns, pole spears, spear points and accessories.
  • Ocean Management Systems - Technical scuba diving equipment manufacturer and distributor providing a wide range of gear including steel cylinders, mixed gas computers, isolation manifolds, and safety gear.
  • A.B. Biller - Manufacturer of a variety of spearguns, fins, and sporting goods speargun parts, carrying bags and T-shirts. Includes product sporting goods description, photos, and contact information. Located in Bloomingdale, sporting goods Illinois.
  • ScubaPro - Manufacturers of scuba equipment including regulators, buoyancy compensators, sporting goods instruments, water sports wetsuits, masks, fins, snorkels, and diving sporting goods accessories. Also water sports represent UWaTec dive computers in North sporting goods America.
  • The Scuba Company - Makes eye protection for divers, swimmers, firefighters, policemen scuba diving and other individuals involved in hazardous work. Includes scuba diving scubamask, scubaspec, snorklespec, and smokspec specifications and photos scuba diving and contact information.

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