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Manufactures surface supplied air systems and related diving equipment, including gas blending systems for nitrox, and trimix, along with tank filling compressor systems, for portable, fixed, and marine use.

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  • Faber Industrie - Manufacturer of steel cylinders for high pressure gases. Their scuba diving tanks for scuba diving are LP (lower pressure) cylinders.
  • Catalina Cylinders - Manufacturer of aluminum cylinders used in many industries, air systems including the scuba industry.
  • L&W Compressors + Systems - Manufacturer of breathing air, nitrox, diving, firefighting and water sports industrial scuba diving compressors. Singapore.
  • Nuvair - Manufacturer of nitrox systems, air compressors and diving equipment. USA.
  • Rebreather Azimuth - Makes semi closed circuit rebreather from OMG. Italia.
  • AireTex - Distributor of Alkin compressors for fire, dive, industrial scuba diving and paintball markets. USA.
  • Steam Machines - Manufacturer of closed-circuit rebreathers for the scientific, recreational, water sports military, and commercial diving markets. USA.
  • Cramer Decker Industries - Supplier of scuba diving products and outdoor adventure air systems gear. scuba diving Also supplier of industrial, medical and outdoor air systems recreation equipment.
  • Luxfer Group - Manufacturer of aluminum cylinders for many industries, especially the scuba air systems diving industry.
  • Brownie's Third Lung - Manufactures surface supplied air systems and related diving air systems equipment, water sports including gas blending systems for nitrox, and air systems trimix, along water sports with tank filling compressor systems, for air systems portable, fixed, and water sports marine use.
  • Atomic Aquatics, Inc. - Manufacturer of a titanium regulator.
  • Sea Breathe - Manufacturer of 12-volt surface air supply systems for shallow water diving. Both deck units and floating units are available.
  • Barnini Technologie Avanzate - Manufacturer of equipment for diving such as regulator, inflation hoses, attachment, gas blending system for nitrox and trimix. Italy.
  • Hypres Equipment - Totally American made high pressure breathing air compressors scuba diving for water sports scuba diving, fire service and industry. scuba diving Air cascade water sports systems available too.
  • Dive Innovations - Tank-integrated weight system built into the tank boot.
  • Scuba Air Compressor Service,Inc - Sales, service, overhaul of high pressure compressors for scuba diving breathing and industrial applications.
  • Apeks Marine Equipment - Manufacturer of scuba regulators. UK.
  • Schifauer & Pek - Manufacturer of high-pressure compressors and air systems for air systems scuba, water sports scba and paintball use. Florida, USA.
  • Ali-Tek - Manufacturer of aluminum cylinders. South Africa.
  • Advanced Diving Products - Manufacturer of monel regulator. California. USA.

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