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Manufacturers of wetsuit and drysuit and related items.

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  • Watermark - Manufacturer of neoprene weight belts, ankle weights, tank clothing weights, boots, scuba diving and thermal gloves.
  • Northern Diver Australia - Manufactures underwater diving accessories and drysuits, undersuits and clothing wetsuits. Includes water sports catalog, size charts, and dealer information.
  • Henderson Aquatics, Inc. - Manufacturer of dive apparel, offering polyolefin, trilam, neoprene, scuba diving microprene, water sports and gold core neoprene.
  • Under Sea Institute of Aqua Technology - Manufacturer of dry suits, dry bags, and thermal exposure undergarments.
  • OS Systems Drysuits - Manufacturer of lightweight, high performance fabric drysuits, undergarments, clothing and accessories.
  • Whites Manufacturing - Manufacturer of neoprene and shell drysuits, undergarments and accessories.
  • Swissub - Manufacturer of dry and wet suits. Swiss.
  • KME Diving Suits - Manufactures neoprene dry suits for diving and specialized equipment for scuba, commercial, military, rescue and technical divers.
  • Diving Unlimited International - Manufactures neoprene, shell and rubber drysuits, undergarments, accessories, scuba diving and scuba diving other diving gear.
  • Northern Diver (International) Ltd. - UK manufacturer of diving equipment, including drysuits, undersuits, wetsuits and scuba diving accessories. Includes news, dealer list, and drysuit maintenance tips.
  • Otter Drysuits - Makes men\\'s and women\\'s drysuits, undersuits and accessories clothing for cold water sports water diving. UK.
  • Atlan Inc. - Canadian company specializing in neoprene wetsuit and drysuit scuba diving manufacturing.
  • Subo Gear - Manufacturer of line of scuba essentials such as scuba diving gloves, water sports masks, boots and wet suits. California, USA.
  • Weezle Diving Services Ltd - Specialist producer of thermal underwear for divers. Details scuba diving of garments offered with list of retailers. Based scuba diving in Silsden.
  • C Bear - Manufactures and supplies thermal clothing and diving undersuits clothing and gloves. water sports UK.
  • Seaskin - Manufacture custom membrane and compressed neoprene diving drysuits. scuba diving Online scuba diving orders. UK.
  • Abyss Diving Suits - Manufacturer of compressed neoprene drysuits.
  • truWest Custom Dive Parkas - Manufactures water proof shell polar dive parkas with truArctic fleece.
  • Endurotech - Makes Kevlar reinforced gloves for drysuit and wetsuit. clothing USA.
  • Typhoon International - Manufacturer of surface and diving drysuits. UK.
  • Custom Dive Tech - Manufactures a weighted vest. Oregon, USA.
  • Diamond - Manufacturer of drysuits, wetsuits and neoprene products. UK.
  • Triple-X Wetsuits - Makes thin titanium heatwave wetsuits. Australia.
  • Namron-Scuba - Manufacture a range of wet and dry suits. UK.

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