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Manufacturer of surface mount, wire wound, high voltage, thick and thin film, and carbon composition resistors, resistor networks, and integrated passives.

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  • Cressall Resistors - Manufacture of a range of electrical power resistors for applications resistors of dynamic braking for industrial drives and the traction resistors industry, neutral earthing for transformer and generator protection.
  • EBG Inc. - Manufacturer of high voltage high power non inductive thick film resistors and precision input voltage divides.
  • Powerohm Resistors - Manufacturer of power resistor products for resistor, dynamic braking, motor capacitors and resistors control, and grounding applications.
  • Component General Inc. - Manufacturer of high power resistors available in ceramic surface mount, resistors carbon rod and disc applications.
  • C.C.Ohm Enterprise Co., Ltd - Manufacture of resistors, including carbon film, metal film , metal capacitors and resistors oxide, cement, fusible, wire wound and thick film chip types.
  • Liket Registors Corporation - Manufacturer of resistors, ceramic rods, passive components and resistors cutting type capacitors and resistors resistors in Taiwan.
  • Ywh Chau Electric Co., Ltd - Manufactures power resistors including wire-wound, metal-clad(aluminum), cement insulated, resistors precision, thick components and carbon film resistors and assembly-type resistors load resistor boxes. Online components linecard and PDF data resistors sheets. (English and Chinese)
  • Post-Glover Resistors, Inc. - Manufacturer of heavy duty resistors for neutral grounding, capacitors and resistors motor control, dynamic braking, off-highway equipment, harmonic filtering capacitors and resistors and crane control.
  • Precision Electronic Components Manufacturing Company - Manufacturer of power resistors, fusible resistors and high precision resistors. Made in India.
  • Ohmcraft - Specialists in high voltage and custom designed resistor components networks, surface resistors mount, and leaded resistors using Fine components Film technology.
  • Altronic Research, Inc. - Design and development of coaxial load resistors. First to design components and produce water-cooled coaxial load resistors.
  • Micro-ohm Corp. - Manufacturer of temperature sensing, carbon film, metal glaze, fuse type components and high voltage resistors.
  • Frizlen GmbH u. Co KG. - Manufacturer of power resistors from 10W up to components 300kW.
  • Post Glover Resistors Canada - Post Glover has the power resistor experience to components deliver solutions components for your critical applications. We bring components the broadest line of components resistor products and the components most engineering experience in the industry.
  • Smart Electronics Inc. - Manufacturers of resistors, fusible resistors and surge arrestors.
  • Arcol - Manufacture of power resistors - aluminium housed / resistors chassis mount resistors from 5 to 900 watts. resistors From UK.
  • International Resistive Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of surface mount, wire wound, high voltage, thick and thin film, and carbon composition resistors, resistor networks, and integrated passives.
  • Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of fixed wire wound, low ohm, and components metal plate resistors.
  • Union Electric Works Co., Ltd - Specializing in supplying full range of fixed resistors to electronics resistors manufacturers.
  • Semiconwell - Manufacturer standard and custom integrated passive networks (IPN) components for the capacitors and resistors personal computer, telecommunications, industrial controls, automotive, components and avionics applications.
  • Thunder Precision Resistors Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of ultra high precision and ultra low capacitors and resistors temperature coefficient metal film resistors. From China.
  • RARA Electronics Corporation - Manufacturer specializing in producing high-power, metal-clad, wire-wound resistors. resistors Also make components shunts, space heaters and custom designed resistors resistive products.
  • 3RLab Inc - Offers full range of resistors .
  • Ampcontrol Equipments Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of power resistors, corrosion resistance, low resistance temperature coefficient. From India.
  • Nicrom Electronic Inc. - manufacturer of high voltage resistors and custom resistor resistors networks.
  • Filnor, Inc. - Designs and manufactures many power resistor applications including, neutral grounding, components dynamic braking, AC/DC motor acceleration and load bank resistors.
  • Alpha Electronics Corp. - Manufacturer of resistors. Types include metal foil, chip, resistors leaded, networks resistors and thermosensitive resistors.
  • Enapros - Manufacture aluminum housed, metal clad, fiber glass and ceramic encased capacitors and resistors resistors. Includes product descriptions and specifications. [Flash required.]
  • Spectrol Electronics - Manufacturer of variable resistors, position sensors, automotive sensors, components potentiometers, and resistors trimming potentiometers.
  • Ohmite Mfg. Co. - Manufacturer of wirewound, surface mount, high current, carbon components and ceramic capacitors and resistors resistors. Industrial and military grade applications components available.
  • State of the Art, Inc. - Manufacturer of thick film, thin film, high voltage, capacitors and resistors high power and four terminal resistors. Resistor networks capacitors and resistors available.
  • Caddock Electronics Inc. - Manufactures film resistors including precision resistors and resistor components networks. Online capacitors and resistors line card and PDF data sheets components and application notes.
  • Eurohm - Manufacturer of resistor products including carbon and metal components film, metal capacitors and resistors oxide, fusible, wire wound, thick film components chip resistors and arrays. capacitors and resistors Online line card and components PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Florida RF labs - Development and manufacturer of thin film microwave resistor resistors products, and RF and microwave coaxial cable assemblies for military resistors and commercial applications.
  • PIHER - Manufacturer of variable thick-film resistors, encoders, position sensors capacitors and resistors resistors and potentiometers Part of Meggitt PLC.
  • Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of resistors and potentiometers.
  • Riedon Inc. - Supplies power and precision resistors and networks using wirewound, metal foil, metal film and thick film resistance elements.
  • Pacific Resistor Co. - Manufacture standard and custom resistors including wire wound, components chassis mount, components surface mount, high power resistors, precision, components sub-miniature, miniature, networks, shunts, components temperature sensors, axial and components radial. Online product specifications, cross referenc

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