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Manufactures optoelectronic, RF, magnetic and electromechanical parts and systems for communications and broadcasting, computer peripherals and automotive electronics markets. Includes part search by application, photographs and links to product specifica

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  • ALPS Electric Co. Ltd. - Manufactures optoelectronic, RF, magnetic and electromechanical parts and components systems for communications and broadcasting, computer peripherals and components automotive electronics markets. Includes part search by application, components photographs and links to product specifica
  • Aid Electronics Corporation - Manufacturer of metallized polyester film capacitors, resistors, inductors, components varistors, diodes, transistors, oscillators, resonators, relays, and condensers.
  • Wilbrecht Electronics, Inc. - Designs and manufactures LEDs and LED assemblies, hermetic interconnects, metal business foil resistors, and potentiometers. Product photos and specifications.
  • Crydom - Designs and manufactures patented transient voltage suppression, solid components state relay components and magnetic components. Online line card, components specifications and PDF data components sheets available for download.
  • Manufacturers Components Incorporated - Manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components. Online catalogs electronics and electrical available.
  • Stetron - Manufacturer of electronic components and solutions for original business equipment manufacturers in the telecom, multimedia, automotive and business industrial control sectors.
  • Max Echo Technologies Corp. - Manufacturer of ferrite bead chips, ceramic chip inductors electronics and electrical and ferite chip inductors.
  • Noida Electronics - Provides passive, crystals, stampings and semiconductor parts. Includes line card, electronics and electrical general photographs and contact information.
  • Inter-Market Inc. - Manufacturer of indicator lights, switches, digital displays and electronics and electrical business connectors. Online line card and line drawings available electronics and electrical business for download.
  • Productwell Precision Elect.Co.,Ltd - Manufacture potentiometers, encoder, joystick, trimming, variable resistor, vibration business motor, crystal electronics and electrical oscillator, switch and pcb assemble.
  • Epson Electronics America, Inc - Manufactures electric devices ranging from crystal oscillators components and business LCDs to SRAMs and ASICs.
  • Ostor Corporation - Manufacturer and distributor of crystals, crystal oscillators, resonators, business electrolytic and electronics and electrical tantalum capacitors. Online product search, line business card and specifications.
  • Philips Semiconductors - Produces discrete semiconductors and analog and digital ICs for audio, video, automotive, consumer, mobile, multimedia, and wireless communications markets. Browse or select products by application.
  • Engineered Components Co. - Manufacturer of standard product lines of toroidal inductors, active and business passive delay lines and specially designed modules for the communications business industry.
  • EDN Europe - Provider of microcontroller powers, converting analogs, components for electronics and electrical electronics and electrical interconnect and various software and technological equipment.
  • C.P. Clare Corporation - Designs, manufactures and sells high voltage analog semiconductor components integrated packages electronics and electrical and discrete components, electromagnetic relays and components switches, surge protection devices, electronics and electrical transformers and specialized electronic components components used in a variety of electronics and electrical applicati
  • MMC Packaging Equipment - Supplier of turnkey automation systems and machinery for cap and electronics and electrical closure manufacturers.
  • Vishay Intertechnology Inc. - Manufacturer of analog switches, capacitors, diodes, inductors, integrated components modules, power electronics and electrical ICs, LEDs, power MOSFETs, resistors and components thermistors. Includes line card electronics and electrical and PDF product selection components guide, cross reference and data sheets.
  • Kyocera America Inc. - Manufactures metallized ceramic packages for RF/microwave devices, multilayer components ceramic and electronics and electrical organic material IC packages and offers components flip-chip, wire-bond semiconductor and electronics and electrical electronic plating services. Includes components product descriptions and illustrations.
  • Techimport Corp. - Manufactures diodes, LEDs and LED products, bridge rectifiers, electronics and electrical film capacitors, lamps, quartz tubing and quartz fabrication, electronics and electrical semiconductor epitaxy and refractory metals. Online product specifications electronics and electrical and RFQ.
  • InstoComp Inc. - Stocking distributor of semiconductors, passive components and crystals.
  • C-MAC MicroTechnology - Designers and manufacturers of microelectronic devices and systems. Product details, examples of uses and technical data.
  • Nine Big Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of capacitors, inductors and choke coils.
  • Accutek Microcircuit Corp. - Designs and manufactures memory ICs, adapter modules and business resistor networks. components Includes line card and PDF data business sheets available for download.
  • Maxswall Development - Manufacturer of membrane switches, FPC, nameplates, decors, labels, grilles, nets and metal enclosures and parts. China.
  • European connectors group - Manufacturer and electronic or electric components. Online component data sheet.
  • 3M Electronics Manufacturing - Manufactures materials and components for PCB manufacturing and electronics and electrical components assembly, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics products. Online product electronics and electrical components search, selection and specifications.
  • Angstrem - Production and development of integrated circuits, resonators, contact business and contactless business smart-cards and readers, foundry service.
  • Cliff Components - Manufacturer of components for the audio, instrumentation, computer, business medical, appliance and test industries.
  • Camsco Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, industrial plugs business and sockets, AC solenoids, buzzers, and other power business and electromechanical components.
  • HiFi Collective - Amplifier parts and kits, resistors and capacitors. Based in UK.
  • Ventronics Inc. - Manufacturer of electrical components, including batteries, battery packs, electronics and electrical business printed circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, varistors electronics and electrical business and thermistors.
  • Arnscott Electronics Inc. - Manufacturer and supplier of commercial sound and fire components safety products. Includes catalogue and specifications of equipment components racks and mounts, loudspeakers, subwoofers, line matching transformers, components and strobes.
  • Shanghai Jinxin Electronics Co., Ltd. - Produces electronic TV tuners, CCD camera, RF front end system, VBI teletext receiver and other interrelated goods. From China.
  • RCM Technology - Supply components for the consumer electronics, furniture and automobile industries.
  • Thin Film Technology Corp. - An electronic components manufacturer specializing in thin film electronics and electrical components technology including delay lines, resistors.
  • Axiom Components - Canadian base manufacture of passive and interconnect components.
  • Cvc International Llc - Develop and manufacture passive and active components.

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