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Designer, developer and manufacturer of lighting systems for LCD backlighting, switches, keypads, overlays and displays, machine vision and medical applications.

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  • Philips Lumileds Lighting Company - Manufacturer of high-power LEDs for automotive lighting, traffic signaling, signage, lamps and indicators LCD backlighting and general lighting.
  • Marl International Ltd. - Design and manufacture LED products including discrete components, indicators and electronics and electrical flush mounting LEDs. Online catalogue, specifications and PDF data sheets electronics and electrical available for download.
  • Starwise Industrial, Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of halogen and electronic ballasted energy saving lamps and indicators lamps in a variety of configurations.
  • Mason Technologies Limited - Manufacturer of LEDs, phototransistors and photodiodes. LED Parameters Detailed Interoduction. lamps and indicators Hong Kong, China.
  • Nichia America Corporation - Manufacturer and supplier of LEDs and phosphors with lamps and indicators components online ordering, product information and contacts.
  • Power-light Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of LED lamps and LED digit displays.
  • Lumitex, Inc. - Designer, developer and manufacturer of lighting systems for components LCD backlighting, components switches, keypads, overlays and displays, machine components vision and medical applications.
  • Dialight Corporation - Manufacturer of indicators for circuit boards, instrument panels. electronics and electrical electronics and electrical Including LEDs, LED arrays and light pipes.
  • E-Laser Enterprise Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer red and green laser modules, green laser point, laser lamps and indicators diodes.
  • Timelamp - Manufacturer of neon lamps.
  • Luxeon Star - Manufacturer LEDs with information on application, detailed specifications, components and online electronics and electrical ordering.
  • Italsound - Manufacturers electronic LED moving message displays with lamps and indicators lamps and indicators online ordering. From Italy.
  • Plus Opto - Distributor of LED light sources from worldwide manufacturing lamps and indicators lamps and indicators sites. From UK.
  • Luxlite - Manufacturer of compact fluorescent energy saving lamp. The components lamps lasts about 7-10 years and save components 80% energy to reduce electric bills.
  • LEDtronics, Inc. - Design, manufacture and packaging of based and panel-mount components LEDs, as components well as PCB, SMT and infra-red components LED products. Includes product components descriptions, technical notes, and components videos.
  • Microlites Scientific - Manufacturers and distributors of technical and specialty lamps, lamps and indicators electronics and electrical including medical, scientific, x-ray, ophthalmic, operating room, dental, lamps and indicators electronics and electrical diagnostic, germicidal, industrial electronic indicator, projector, photographic, video, lamps and indicators electronics and electrical stage, film, and television
  • Huga Optotech, Inc. - Manufacturer of high-brightness LED indicators and related products.
  • Marktech Optoelectronics - Supplies own brand of LEDs and LED drivers components and those lamps and indicators from Toshiba and Cotco. Offers engineering components services. Includes product data lamps and indicators sheets, technical specifications and components applications notes.
  • Stanley Electric Sales Of America, Inc. - Manufacturer of surface mount led's and through-hole led's.
  • Scanditron, Ltd. - Manufacturer of electro-optical and inductive components, also distributing components a wide components range of electronic and telecommunication components.
  • Epitex Inc - Production of custom designed LED and related display electronics.
  • Para Light Electronics Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of LEDs and LED products including display, lamp, light components bar, back light, dot matrix, SMD, infrared, laser diode, laser components module and pointer, wire harness and cable assembly. Online linecard components and product photographs.
  • Sunled Corporation - Products include led lamps, led displays, circuit board electronics and electrical components indicators, dot matrix displays, light bars, bar graphs, electronics and electrical components led clusters, and custom leds. From China.
  • Yiow Chie Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of LEDs including SMD and displays. Includes electronics and electrical components company overview and product photographs.
  • Advanced Illumination, Inc. - Manufacturers and developers of L.E.D. strobes and LED lamps and indicators steady state machine vision lighting.
  • OSRAM Opto Semiconductors - Manufacturer of LEDs and components for illumination, sensing components and visualization.
  • Ledyoung Technology Corporation - Manufacture light emitting diode series products such as lamps and indicators lamps and indicators led lamps, seven segment displays, indoor high resolution lamps and indicators lamps and indicators dot matrix display, led back light for lcd lamps and indicators lamps and indicators module, dual/full color outdoor cluster. From Taiwan.
  • Lite-On Electronics Inc. - Manufacture of LEDs, including lamps, displays and infrared lamps and indicators lamps and indicators products. Online linecard and PDF datasheets available for lamps and indicators lamps and indicators download. [Does not work with some browsers.]
  • Apro Systems Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of laser diodes, LED lamps, LED Bulbs, medical instruments, components and back lights.
  • Kingbright Corporation - Manufactures optoelectronic components, led displays, phototransistors, opto couplers, components alphanumeric, light lamps and indicators bar and bar graphs.

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