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An independent engineering company specializing in antenna pattern prediction, RF installed performance modeling and all electrical aspects of RF technology.

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  • Ropet RF Design - Source for RF circuit design including wireless transmitters, components receivers, transceivers microwave and RF power amplifiers. Other products components and services include RF microwave modules and RF consulting.
  • RTW - Ride The Wave - RTW is an engineering company dedicated to electromagnetic and microwave engineering engineering. RTW designs, develops and tests microwave components and antennas. engineering It is specialized in custom solutions with major applications in engineering telecommunications, defence and space
  • M2 Microwaves - Custom design and full development of microwave hardware tailored to the customer’s specifications, including MMIC design, microwave passive component and amplifier design, and GUI development.
  • PM Progettazioni microonde - Specialised in the design and development of RF circuits, modules and subsystems for industrial and telecommunications companies.
  • Radio Design Group, Inc. - Specializes in custom RF and wireless electronics design microwave for data radio transmitters, receivers, and transceivers.
  • Embedded Knowledge and Intelligence - Specializes in embedded systems design and consulting.
  • Wessex Technology Group - Providing a wide range of RF solutions including components RF amplifiers, components RF subsystems, and synthesizers to the components Ministry of Defence, Homeland components Security and other market components areas.
  • FanField Ltd - An independent engineering company specializing in antenna pattern components prediction, RF engineering installed performance modeling and all electrical components aspects of RF technology.
  • Ecom Engineering Gmbh - Provide RF and shortrange radar development, measurement and engineering automation applications, wireless communication solutions.
  • Wavefront Consulting Ltd - Development of microwave electronics, RF and microwave power amplifier, subsystem components and system design. Transistor modelling, CAD, GaN device technology. Specialising components in linear and efficient amplifiers.
  • Q-par Angus Web Shop - Selling microwave antennas, and waveguide components in our engineering web-shop with microwave a 1 week maximum turnaround. The engineering shop contains wideband horn microwave antennas, microwave reflectors and engineering other waveguide components.
  • RFIC Design - Offering design consultancy in microwave RFIC design area. Design of complete transceivers in CMOS, BiCMOS, and SiGe.
  • Digital Microwave Engineering - An RF engineering and design facility with over components 20 years microwave experience. Custom design of both analog components and digital radios. RF microwave and microwave component design components services available.
  • Knox Electronic Technologies Incorporated - KnoxeTech’s Application & Systems engineering expertise range from components microwave circuit design, simulation, circuit layout and fabrication, components system design & integration, research & development, to components analytical measurement science.
  • The Antenna Factory - Manufactures high quality antennas, coaxial cable, attenuators and waveguides for engineering Cellular, PCS, Wi-Fi, Wireless Broadband, 3G, INMARSAT and Microwave applications.
  • ELXYS Innovations S.A. - A fabless semiconductor company specialized in providing cutting-edge microwave analog, RF, components and mixed-signal IC design services and microwave relative semiconductor intellectual property components (IP) products for wireless microwave applications.
  • Brounley Engineering & Technical Services - RF design consultants specializing in RF power supply microwave design, impedance engineering matching and system integration for CO2 microwave laser and plasma process engineering systems.
  • Sagrad - An engineering services company providing custom 802.11 solutions, custom antennas, microwave and other custom RF and Microwave systems.
  • Sherwood Engineering Design Services, Inc. - Electrical engineering firm specializing in the design of microwave consumer electronic microwave products incorporating low cost ASICs and microwave microcontrollers, reverse engineering, and microwave litigation support.
  • Koos Technical Services - KTS specializes in product development for wireless communications, components including wireless engineering modems, satellite receivers, and WiFi access components points.

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