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Designer and manufacturer of low phase noise, low power consumption Silicon-Germanium enhanced integrated circuits for wireless and broadband access communications.

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  • Device Engineering - Designer and manufacturer of standard and custom integrated semiconductors circuits.
  • Consumer Microcircuits Limited - Design and manufacture ICs for the communications industry.
  • Linear RF Switches "High Life Cycle Reliable MEMS" - Radant MEMS produces highly reliable, linear RF-MEMS “DC linear to 40 semiconductors GHz” switches.
  • SiGe Microsystems, Inc. - Designer and manufacturer of low phase noise, low power consumption Silicon-Germanium enhanced integrated circuits for wireless and broadband access communications.
  • Wolfson Microelectronics plc - Makes imaging, audio, video, and digital/analog converter devices integrated circuits for linear consumer applications.
  • Comtech PST Corp. - Design, develop and manufacture linear, broadband and feed-forward linear solid state high power amplifiers. Online specifications.
  • Supertex Inc. - Vendors of high voltage ICs and DMOS transistors
  • Summit Microelectronics - Manufacturer of programmable analog products. Specifically aimed at semiconductors environmental monitoring.
  • Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc - Produces operational amplifiers as well as ICs for power supply design (DC converters and voltage regulators, references, and detectors).
  • Swindon Silicon Systems - Supply a range of ASICS and standard integrated circuits for RF markets.
  • Volterra Semiconductor - Designs advanced switching regulator ICs for low voltage applications.
  • Action Components and Modules Inc - Manufacturer of linear ICs, providing solutions for display, telecommunication system and terminal makers.
  • Linear Technology Corporation - Produces a line of integrated circuits that support the communications, semiconductors computing, industrial, and automotive markets.
  • Unitrode - Experts in power and battery management. Now owned semiconductors by TI.
  • Mixed Signal Integration - Manufacture analog filters and custom LSI devices.
  • Nippon Precision Circuits, Inc. - Integrated circuits including phased locked loops, communications, DAC, digital filters, integrated circuits EL Drivers, oscillators, audio devices and real time clock. integrated circuits Part of the Seiko group.
  • Clare Micronix Integrated Systems, Inc. - Developer and manufacturer of application specific integrated circuit integrated circuits (ASIC) semiconductors and application specific standard products (ASSP), specializing integrated circuits in analog semiconductors and mixed-signal solutions.
  • Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets precision low power linear linear ICs. Products include EPADs, MOSFETs, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, linear op amps, dual slope converters, voltage comparators, analog linear switches, timers, and matched transistor pairs.
  • TelCom Semiconductor Inc. - Manufacturer of a broad spectrum of linear and integrated circuits mixed linear signal solutions. Product line includes, power and integrated circuits thermal management linear and linear/mixed signal devices.
  • Jiangyin Changjiang Electronic Industrial Co. - Manufacturer of semiconductors and discrete devices.
  • Circuit Integration Tech., Inc. - Manufacturer of mixed signal analog and digital signal integrated circuits.

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