Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits Semiconductors Components

Offers ICs for the following areas: infrared and optical sensors, pressure and acceleration sensors, contactless identification, radio-frequency, and automotive buses, as well as hall effect devices.

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  • Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. - Manufactures a 10 Gbps SerDes (serializer/deserializer).
  • Ikanos Communications, Inc - Makes ICs for DSL (including VDSL and ADSL) semiconductors and Ethernet integrated circuits in the first mile (EFM). semiconductors Also produces products for integrated circuits Fiber to the Home/Building.
  • Xilinx, Inc - Manufactures a 10 Gbps SERDES aimed at the SONET and integrated circuits Ethernet markets, in addition to their programmable logic line.
  • Dolphin Integration - Offers products for electronic design as well as analog, memory, and processor IP (intellectual property).
  • ID MOS - Produces telecom and radio frequency (RF) ICs for semiconductors as well integrated circuits as offering IC cloning and design semiconductors services for ASICs and integrated circuits FPGAs.
  • ASIC Advantage, Inc - IC development, test, production, and design services.
  • Austriamicrosystems AG - Develops and produces application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), application-specific standard products mixed signal (ASSPs) and mixed analog/digital ASICs for the automotive, communication and mixed signal industrial markets.
  • Melexis Microelectronic Systems - Offers ICs for the following areas: infrared and optical sensors, pressure and acceleration sensors, contactless identification, radio-frequency, and automotive buses, as well as hall effect devices.
  • Mysticom, Ltd - Makes SerDes for all speeds of Ethernet. mixed signal Also mixed signal sells their designs as cores for ASICs mixed signal or ASSPs.
  • Accelerant Networks, Inc. - Produces a continuously adaptive SERDES that uses PAM4 (multi-level signalling).
  • Chrontel, Inc. - Manufactures transmitters and encoders for digital video applications.
  • TaraCom Integrated Products, Inc - Develops standard products and cores for the physical layer transceiver integrated circuits market.
  • Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. - Provides System-on-Chip design services and Mixed Signal IP mixed signal products to semiconductor and system clients.
  • Aeluros, Inc. - Manufactures a 10 Gbps-to-XAUI SerDes for Ethernet and semiconductors Fibre Channel.
  • Tamul Multimedia, Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of digital audio LSI devices. Applications include integrated circuits MP3 semiconductors and CD technologies.
  • Microsystems On Silicon (Pty) Ltd. - Offers South African based IC design services. semiconductors Also manufactures integrated circuits PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor semiconductors controllers.
  • Diablo Technologies - Fabless company that focuses on SerDes devices for rates of integrated circuits 5.0 Gbps and above.
  • CML Microcircuits - Manufactures wireless data, wireline telecom, and two-way radio related ICs.
  • Mixel - Provides design services in the mixed-signal IC area creating in mixed signal the process a differentiating technology.
  • Axiom Microdevices, Inc - Manufactures power amplifiers for the cellular telephone market.
  • Acacia Semiconductor Lda. - Portugal based intellectual property (IP) developer of data mixed signal conversion mixed signal (analog-to-digital and back) and transceiver cores for mixed signal low-power consumer, mixed signal communications, and medical devices.
  • SolarFlare Communications, Inc - Produces 10GBase-T (10 Gig Ethernet) physical layer devices.
  • SliceX Inc. - Developer of low power ADC, DAC, and PLL mixed signal mixed-signal integrated circuits blocks for such industries as semiconductor, consumer, mixed signal medical, and integrated circuits research and development.
  • Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. - Produces clock chips, including (but not limited to) semiconductors buffers, multipliers, VCXOs, and SAW filters. Also semiconductors produces Ethernet phys and an A/D converter.
  • RFWaves, Ltd - Designs short-range RF chipset for low to medium semiconductors bandwidth wireless integrated circuits applications.
  • Andigilog, Inc - Manufactures temperature sensors as well as providing analog and mixed-signal design services.
  • Gennum Corp. - Canadian manufacturer of ICs for data communications, audio devices, image semiconductors processing, and video transport.
  • Dialog Semiconductor plc - Manufactures ICs for wireless communications, telecommunications, automotive and industrial OEMs.
  • Simix (Vercoulen&Lijssen V.O.F.) - Netherlands based ASIC design house for analog and semiconductors mixed signal ASIC solutions.
  • Chipcon AS - Designs and markets low power RF ICs for integrated circuits wireless mixed signal applications such as home automation. 2.4 GHz integrated circuits IEEE 802.15.4 mixed signal and Zigbee compliant RF transceiver available.
  • Mixed Signal Systems - Privately owned design center for analog and mixed semiconductors signal integrated circuits, from system concept to mask semiconductors generation data.
  • Inova Semiconductors - German based maker of long reach SERDES. integrated circuits Focused integrated circuits on digital displays, automated testing equipment, printers/scanners, integrated circuits military radar/scanning integrated circuits systems, data multiplexing systems and medical integrated circuits equipment applications.
  • Quake Technologies Inc. - Produces SerDes and electro-optic ICs for 10 Gbps semiconductors and above integrated circuits data transmission.
  • ZMD America, Inc - Provides foundry and design services for mixed signal semiconductors and analog semiconductors ASICs with design centers in Germany semiconductors and the USA. semiconductors Also offers memory, sensor semiconductors compensators, and Local Interconnect Network (LIN) semiconductors ICs for semiconductors automotive and medical applications.
  • Svenska Grindmatriser AB (SGA) - Provides Swedish based ASIC design services, focused on analog and mixed signal devices.

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