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Manufacturers silicon products with ultraflat surfaces with very low metals results for any diameter in single side and double side polished wafers from 3" to 200mm.

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  • DuPont Photomasks - Photomasks and reticles for semiconductor, LCD and other microelectronics manufacturing.
  • Montco Silicon Technologies, Inc. - Silicon wafer sales and services, supplying all sizes semiconductors from 2" semiconductors to 300mm.
  • Applied Science and Technology, Inc. - Designs, manufactures and markets proprietary systems and components semiconductors used to produce materials such as semiconductors and semiconductors diamonds utilizing microwave plasma techniques. (Nasdaq: ASTX)
  • Ultrasil Corporation - Manufacturers silicon products with ultraflat surfaces with very components low metals materials and supplies results for any diameter in single components side and double side materials and supplies polished wafers from 3" components to 200mm.
  • Asq Technology - Manufactures quartz boats, silicon carbide boats, wafer transfer materials and supplies machines, boat lift handles, custom quartz products.
  • Epiwafer - Supplying prime wafers, epitaxial wafers, SOI wafers, compound semiconductor wafers and offering the technical services for epitaxial systems setup and refurbishment. From Korea.
  • Pure Wafer Ltd - A provider of silicon wafer reclaim and finishing services.
  • Polishing Corporation of America - Polishing of silicon wafers from 1" to 12" semiconductors including oxides, semiconductors metals, wafer reclaim and stripping, slicing, semiconductors lapping, polishing.
  • Advanced Interconnect Technology - Provides custom wafer bumping and flip-chip bonding service components to the materials and supplies semiconductor wafer fabrication and chip packaging components houses.
  • Silicon Inc. - Provider of silicon wafer material, from 1 inch components to 12 materials and supplies inch, for semiconductor fabs.
  • Semiconductor Assembler and Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. - Semiconductor, transformer and RF packaging provider in Malaysia.
  • Isonics Corporation - Offers isotopically pure silicon-28 to replace natural silicon in the production of wafers for computer chips. (Nasdaq: ISON).
  • North East Silicon Technologies, Inc. - Provides silicon wafer reclaim and silicon test wafer components sales of materials and supplies 3 inch to 300mm diameter wafers.
  • American Xtal Technology - Manufactures and sells compound semiconductor substrates, including gallium components arsenide, indium phosphide and germanium substrates. (Nasdaq: AXTI)
  • III/V-Reclaim - Reclaim (recycles) GaAs and InP 1" to 150mm wafers, removing semiconductors all layers and structures. Offers single and double side polishing. semiconductors Based in Germany.
  • American Precision Dicing, Inc. - Wafer dicing of hard brittle materials for the semiconductors semiconductor industry.
  • Promerus, LLC - Provides material solutions for applications in the semiconductor, materials and supplies optoelectronic and electronic packaging markets.
  • Cabot Microelectronics Corporation - Supplies slurries for polishing various materials used in semiconductor manufacturing components processes. (Nasdaq: CCMP)
  • MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. - Silicon wafer manufacturing.
  • MINCO Technology Labs Inc. - A semiconductor processor, assembler and tester serving the medical, military, space and commercial industries.
  • Encompass Distribution Services LLC - Supplier of silicon products to the OEM, material service companies, and research labs that support the semiconductor business.
  • RSA Le Rubis SA - Manufacturer of sapphire monocrystals, blanks and polished parts with information on products, processes, company profile and contacts.
  • Semi Metals LLC - A provider silicon wafers.
  • Thermocarbon, Inc. - Dicing blades, saws, accessories and precision cutting services.
  • Windrush - Supply specialist wafer and small-parts handling equipment from components hand tools to machines.
  • Inostek inc. - Manufacturer of PZT Sol-Gel solutions and platinum thin components films for FeRAM, DRAM, IR sensors, and MEMS.
  • Amkor Technology, Inc. - Supplier of outsourced semiconductor interconnect and CMOS wafer semiconductors foundry services.
  • Virginia Semiconductor - Silicon wafers, silicon substrates and components delivered in materials and supplies semiconductors 3-10 business days.
  • Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc. - Provider of silicon wafers and wafer services.
  • Semiconductor Products Manufacturing, Inc. - Manufacturer of consumable components for semiconductor fabrication and test.
  • Kumkang Quartz Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of quartz ware - tubes, boats and other quartz semiconductors wares for semiconductor processing.
  • Global Chip Materials - Stocking distributor of ceramic packaging materials for microelectronic IC assembly. Online catalog of packaging materials with dimensions and drawings.
  • Nitto Denko - Semiconductor encapsulating materials, polarizing and retardation films for LCDs, flexible semiconductors printed circuit boards.
  • SEMX Corp. - Designs, develops, manufactures and markets customized fine wire components and metal semiconductors ribbon, precision metal stampings and seal components frames and powdered metal semiconductors copper/tungsten heat dissipation products. components Serving the semiconductor industries from Armonk, semiconductors New York. components (Nasdaq:
  • Benchmark Technologies - Provides reticles (photomasks) to the MEMS, photonics (waveguides), semiconductors and semiconductor materials and supplies industries.
  • EMCORE Corporation - Designs and develops compound semiconductor materials, such as components gallium arsenide, components and process technology. (Nasdaq: EMKR).
  • Applied Materials, Inc. - The world\\'s largest supplier of products and services components to the semiconductors global semiconductor industry, and one of components the leading information infrastructure semiconductors providers.
  • SawTech Corporation - Provide high precision dicing and scribing services.
  • Process Specialties - Provider of semiconductor wafer processing, specializing in 100mm - 300mm wafers.
  • GPM, Inc. - Specializing in the fabrication and repair of silicon wafer dicing components chucks for the semiconductor industry.
  • Compart Technology - Supplier of all types of silicon wafers.
  • Addison Engineering, Inc. - Vendor of silicon wafers, ceramic packages, and semiconductor components materials.
  • Amtech Systems, Inc. - Manufactures and markets wafer processing and handling equipment components for semiconductor manufacturers. (Nasdaq: ASYS)

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