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  • TSI - Supplies airborne and liquid particle counters and monitoring tools and equipment systems.
  • Light House - Continuous monitoring services for particles, ESD, AMC and contamination analysis and contamination analysis and monitoring monitoring other factors that affect clean manufacturing facilities.
  • Pacific Scientific Instruments - Particle counters, analyzers, centralized monitoring systems
  • Applied Physics Co. - Offers metrology and process tools to semiconductor manufacturing, and aerosol cleanroom particle sampling instruments to the pollution industry.
  • Climet Instruments Company. - Designs, manufactures and services airborne particle counters for contamination analysis and tools and equipment monitoring clean room and environment validation and certification.
  • OptiCal Sciences Ltd - Supplier of optical particle counters and aerosol photometers contamination analysis and monitoring and associated services for the electronics industry.
  • Certech - Specializing in laser air particle counters used for microcontamination and contamination analysis and monitoring facility monitoring.

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