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Manufacturer specializing in static control and cleanroom flexible packaging, protective pharmaceutical and medical bags, and ESD mats, monitors, and grounding products.

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  • Design Filtration Inc. - Specializes in manufacturing of standard and custom HEPA filtered clean production equipment and materials air systems for semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, research laboratories and production equipment and materials the electronics field. .
  • Nitritex - Supplier of cleanroom products including Gloves, Access mats, production equipment and tools and equipment materials Facemasks, Overshoes and Garments for semiconductor, life production equipment tools and equipment and materials sciences, laboratories and the healthcare industry.
  • Nova Electronic Materials, Inc. - Material and cleanroom goods/consumables for the semiconductor industry.
  • Q Source - Retailer of new and used products for static control and cleanroom cleanroom products, including chemicals, microscopes, hand tools, and furniture. cleanroom Site has available product photos and descriptions, and includes an cleanroom online store and a list of represented companies
  • Richmond Technology - Manufacturer specializing in static control and cleanroom flexible tools and equipment tools and equipment packaging, protective pharmaceutical and medical bags, and ESD tools and equipment tools and equipment mats, monitors, and grounding products.
  • Cleanroom Equipment Ltd - Supplies and installs furniture, wall partitions, and laminar tools and equipment airflow hoods for cleanrooms. Ireland. Site tools and equipment lists product photos and descriptions.
  • Canada Clean Room - Provider of products and solutions for cleanroom, particle, production equipment and tools and equipment materials microbiological, production process, gas management and static production equipment tools and equipment and materials control environments.
  • Trim Tack - Offering adhesive mats and frames, roll mops, and production equipment and materials cuff sealers, and glove and hand cleaning pads.
  • X and Y Industrial Co Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of anti-electrostatic product, clean room cleanroom product and tools and equipment instruments.
  • Sirus Microtech Ltd. - Distributor of environmental control equipment, modular cleanrooms, garments, production equipment and materials furniture, desiccators, and other cleanroom tools. Located production equipment and materials in England. Searchable catalog with photos and descriptions production equipment and materials of offered products.
  • Cleanroom Services - A complete line of cleanrooms, equipment, test and certification.
  • Cleanroom Community - Committed to bringing the fragmented cleanroom community together in a cleanroom worldwide organization for the purpose of information exchange, product supply, cleanroom educational and technological advancements.
  • Q Electronics - Specialists in products for ESD, static control, lab, production equipment and production equipment and materials materials cleanroom, assembly, production, inspection and rework.
  • Shinsung Eng - Cleanroom components.
  • Clean Process Technology Services - Provides services to all industries and clients whose operations make production equipment and materials use of controlled environments, certification, process and facility design, maintenance production equipment and materials and cleanroom monitoring.
  • CSI Testing Inc. - Specializes in cleanroom and controlled environment testing and certification; also work with HEPA filtered laboratory and specialty manufacturing equipment used for contamination control and environmental safety.
  • UltraStat 2000 Inc. - Manufactures static control products for manufacturing and consumer applications. Range includes wrist and heel straps, monitors, and field kits. Services include supply and installation of ESD flooring.
  • Milholland & Associates - A cleanroom consultant with expertise in HEPA / ULPA filter tools and equipment testing and cleanroom contamination control for the semiconductor, aerospace, and tools and equipment pharmaceutical industries.
  • Tako Technology Malaysia - Manufacturer of ESD and cleanroom packaging materials and raised flooring.
  • Air Energy Systems - Offers cleanrooms designing, building, and maintenance. Construction of controlled environment cleanroom facilities to comply with Federal Standard 209e Cleanrooms.
  • Classone Technology Inc. - Provides cleanroom equipment and components including fans, HEPA tools and equipment units, pass-throughs, ceiling systems, and laminar-flow hoods.
  • Daw Technologies, Inc. - Supplies ultra-clean manufacturing environments, or cleanrooms and cleanroom production equipment and production equipment and materials materials component systems to semiconductor manufacturers. (Nasdaq: DAWK).
  • Suzhou Hesan - Manufacturer of antistatic gloves, static dissipative gloves and tools and equipment nylon/polyester gloves for static free and cleanroom environments. tools and equipment Factory in China.
  • Kyodo Allied Industries Ltd. - Manufactures clean room and air diffusion equipment including cleanroom fan filter tools and equipment units (FFU), air showers, and clean cleanroom benches. Factories in tools and equipment Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Julie Industries, Inc - USA. Manufacturers, suppliers and installers of static control tools and equipment tools and equipment and ESD flooring products including carpet, epoxy, rubber tools and equipment tools and equipment and vinyl. Also, anti-static chairs, test equipment, adhesives tools and equipment tools and equipment and accessories. Extensive technical information.
  • Envair - Manufacturing, sales and service of clean air and cleanroom containment facilities tools and equipment including laminar flow cabinets, glove boxes, cleanroom and fume cupboards focusing tools and equipment on healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom industrial use. Product photos, descriptions, and tools and equipment PDF versions cleanroom of product dat
  • Perotech Sciences - Distributor of cleanroom furniture, garments, consumables, and equipment. Site lists tools and equipment available products divided into categories and shopping cart to submit tools and equipment a quote request. Offices in Ontario and Quebec, tools and equipment Canada. Site in English and French.
  • CleanZones, LLC - Design and manufacturing of cleanroom air filtration equipment, cleanroom including laminar production equipment and materials flow hoods, room and work station cleanroom air filters, and air production equipment and materials showers. Product photos and cleanroom descriptions.
  • BenchDepot - Supplier of standard formica and solid maple workbenches. Also tools and equipment cleanroom, static control (ESD) and chemical resistant workbenches.
  • Air System Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of clean room benches, carts, and clothing including gowns, tools and equipment gloves, and shoes. Also provides facility engineering, and tools and equipment site lists past design projects. Taiwan. Site in tools and equipment English and Chinese.
  • Cleanroom Consulting Services - Full service cleanroom consulting, testing and certification
  • Aeromech Equuipments Private Limited - Manufacturer of prefabricated modular cleanrooms, turnkey cleanrooms, equipment cleanroom and cleanroom consumables. Based in India.
  • Dou Yee, Global Capability - Distributor of equipment ranging from static control, cleanroom, production equipment and materials semiconductor and PCB assembly equipment. Serving the Asia production equipment and materials Pacific region.
  • Clear Air India - Manufacturers of clean room equipment and accessories.
  • Cleanroom Filters and Supplies - National warehouse and distributor of air filtration products. tools and equipment Specializing in HEPA and Ashrae filters and all tools and equipment cleanroom accessories.
  • Clean Air Solutions Inc. - Manufacturer of a portable cleanroom fogger to track cleanroom cleanroom airflows and dummy wafers for testing equipment cleanroom alignment. Idaho, USA.
  • Nine Industries Co., Ltd. - Korean manufacturer of cleanroom, ESD control, and hospital production equipment and cleanroom materials supplies including fabric, overboots, swabs, and antistatic tape. production equipment cleanroom and materials Product photos and specifications.
  • Spécialités Industrielles Canada (SIC) - Metal and plastic equipment and parts manufacturer, specializing tools and equipment in cleanroom benches, racks, garments, and equipment such tools and equipment as water purifiers and portable laminar cleanrooms. tools and equipment Also provides cleaning and laundry services for cleanrooms. tools and equipment Quebec, Canada. S
  • Teknopak - Microcontamination control and cleanroom components.
  • Certification and Calibration Services - The quality choice for cleanroom certifications and other cleanroom related production equipment and materials services.
  • Statclean Technology Pte Ltd - Offers a full range of cleanroom products and tools and equipment hospital supplies to serve the electronics, medical, and tools and equipment pharmaceutical industries.
  • Basan Group - Germany. Multi-national distributors of garments, consumables, furniture and technical components cleanroom for cleanroom applications.
  • Cleanrooms East Conference and Exhibits - International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Practices for Contamination Control
  • Palbam Class - Manufacturer of clean room equipment, furniture, tables, and production equipment and materials workstations. Company profile, technical information on cleanroom production equipment and materials materials, and product photos and descriptions.

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