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Manufacturer of a range of environmental equipment including clean room systems and equipment, industrial air conditioning, ice storage and cooling systems, flexible space (FSS) systems. Frames pages.

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  • Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. - Contractor manufacturing cleanrooms and selling modular cleanrooms, cleanroom tools and equipment cleanroom equipment and consumables. California, USA. Site tools and equipment cleanroom has photos and descriptions of manufactured and modular tools and equipment cleanroom cleanrooms, plus a list of available supplies.
  • TDI International, Inc. - A supplier of acrylic and stainless steel desiccator cleanroom cabinets as cleanroom well as hand tools.
  • ASPT - Designs and manufactures air showers and pass thrus tools and equipment for cleanrooms and contamination control. Photos and specifications tools and equipment of standard products, plus brochures in PDF format tools and equipment and a list of sales representatives.
  • CleanAir Solutions Inc. - Provides cleanroom consulting, products, design and installation.
  • CABairTEK - Supply modular cleanrooms, industrial noise control solutions and in-plant buildings. cleanroom Located in Canada.
  • Portafab In - Modular building system manufacturer offers prefabricated panel construction cleanroom and wall systems. Offering clean room, office and cleanroom industrial enclosures.
  • Shinsung ENG Corporation - Manufacturer of a range of environmental equipment including design and construction tools and equipment clean room systems and equipment, industrial air conditioning, design and construction tools and equipment ice storage and cooling systems, flexible space (FSS) design and construction tools and equipment systems. Frames pages.
  • Modular Cleanroom Manufacturer - Modular Cleanroom manufacturer. We design, build and install design and construction tools and equipment custom cleanrooms since 1992.
  • SMCair - Designs and manufactures clean room system, dehumidifier, controller air handling cleanroom units.
  • Terra Universal, Inc. - Manufacturer of controlled environments with design and fabrication experience in design and construction cleanroom related industries. (Fullerton, CA)
  • Connect 2 Cleanrooms - A UK modular cleanroom manufacturer with information on the company, design and construction accessories, prices and contacts.
  • Clean Rooms West, Inc. - Turnkey cleanroom manufacturing, including design, engineering, fabrication, installation and testing tools and equipment of class 10 to 10,000 environments.
  • Cleanroom Design & Construction Ltd - Design and build contractor of cleanrooms, from class tools and equipment tools and equipment 1 to 100,000. Incorporating all design work, manufacture, tools and equipment tools and equipment installation, and final validation.
  • Cleanroom Construction - Haddad-Wylie Industries manufactures modular and non-modular clean room (or laboratory) wall systems using a combination of PVC extrusions and polypropylene vacuum-formed panels.
  • Simplex Isolation Systems - Manufactures modular cleanrooms, aluminum frame systems and softwall design and construction tools and equipment enclosures with vinyl or polyurethane, anti-static, nonoutgassing materials. design and construction tools and equipment Product photos and descriptions.
  • BIOCOM - Company leader in contamination control and manufacturer of portable and design and construction softwall cleanrooms and laminar flow equipment.
  • Servicor - Manufacturers of modular cleanrooms for the medical device, biotechnology, microelectronics and other cleanroom related industries. Also, laminar flow corkstations. Clean-room design and construction.
  • Static Technology Inc. - Providing service, design, and installation of most major tools and equipment design and construction brands of static and particle monitor and control tools and equipment design and construction equipment.
  • Advanced Technology Construction - Builds clean rooms for medical, biotech and biohazard tools and equipment cleanroom facilities, plus installs access floors for computer data tools and equipment cleanroom centers. Washington state, USA.
  • EnviroMech Design Limited - Cleanroom and Laboratory Design and Construction - EnviroMech specialise in the design and construction of cleanrooms, laboratories, containment areas and aseptic suites.
  • BioPure Group - Provides aseptic cleanroom design-build, manufacture and installation services design and construction cleanroom to the pharmaceutical, medical device and food production design and construction cleanroom industries.
  • KTEC Cleanroom Systems - Design, fabrication, and installation of modular cleanrooms. Texas, tools and equipment USA. Annotated drawings of typical cleanroom designs.
  • Scientific Climate Systems, Inc. - Builder of dry rooms and environmental chambers . design and construction Features product specifications, company news, and FAQs.
  • Workstation Exchange, Inc. - De-install and purchase halon fire suppression equipment.
  • Contamination Solutions Inc. - Supplies modular and soft wall cleanrooms to a tools and equipment tools and equipment variety of industries as well as distributes air tools and equipment tools and equipment filtration products and cleanroom components.
  • AdvanceTEC LLC - A design and build cleanroom and process systems cleanroom contractor working design and construction within the microelectronics, biotech, semiconductor, medical, cleanroom food, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • American Cleanroom Systems - Manufacturers of prefabricated modular clean rooms with information tools and equipment design and construction on design, installation, equipment, specifications and contacts.
  • Clean Room Installation Services Ltd. - Clean Room Installation Services re designers and installers cleanroom of environmentally controlled and clean air enclosures, we cleanroom also supply a large range of clean room cleanroom equipment and consumables.
  • Clean Air Technology - Offer design and construction of cleanrooms and air design and construction cleanroom filtration equipment. Features information on products, services and design and construction cleanroom training, and includes an online video presentation.
  • Renomed AG, Basel Switzerland - A dedicated healthcare consultancy assisting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in design and construction technology evaluation, clean-room management, sterile manufacturing, solids manufacturing, training and design and construction all types of GMP and IT-problems in technical operations. We
  • Generaltermica srl - Designs and produces air treatment systems and clean rooms. From Italy.
  • Clean Tent - Portable clean rooms in a suitcase; rigid wall tools and equipment cleanroom modular designed expandable and transportable clean rooms; bespoke tools and equipment cleanroom clean room design and erection services.
  • MRC Systems - Cleanroom design and construction for the pharmaceutical and tools and equipment cleanroom high technology industries.
  • R. Kraft, Inc. - Provide in-house cleanroom services to a vast array design and construction tools and equipment of clients requiring cleanrooms or ultra-clean facilities.
  • SBB Inc. - Design, manufacture, installation, and certification of cleanrooms, cleanroom components and tools and equipment custom contamination control systems.
  • Liberty Industries - Manufacture and design of cleanroom products including laminar flow, tacky mat and soft wall.
  • Optimum Koncepts Cleanroom Consulting - Cleanroom consulting services.
  • Clean Room Construction Ltd - Contamination control engineers that manufacture clean and contained facilities for the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical disposable micro-electronics, aerospace, optics, food and healthcare industries. From UK.
  • Harris Environmental Systems - Supplier of turnkey installations of clean rooms for critical temperature and humidity control.
  • Neslo - Manufacture clean room demountable wall systems, with specialized cleanroom knowledge and tools and equipment expertise in clean room construction.

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