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Korea. Manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom products and supplies. Textile and nonwoven based low linting wipers, from cellulose, and staple and continuous filament polyester. English, Korean and Japanese.

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  • Lym-Tech Scientific - USA. Development, manufacture and supply of contamination control cleanroom products for cleanroom cleanroom and other critical environment applications. cleanroom Paper, textile and nonwoven cleanroom based wipes and swabs, cleanroom from cellulose and polyester blends, and cleanroom continuous polyester cleanroom filament
  • ITW Texwipe - USA. Multi-national manufacturers and suppliers of contamination control wipers supplies and cleanroom critical cleaning products. Knitted and nonwoven, wipers wet and dry, sterile cleanroom and non-sterile industrial and wipers cleanroom wipers, swabs and mops, from cleanroom rayon, polypropylene wipers and pol
  • Nano Times Corp - Korea. Manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom products and cleanroom supplies. Textile wipers and nonwoven based low linting wipers, cleanroom from cellulose, and staple wipers and continuous filament polyester. cleanroom English, Korean and Japanese.
  • Milliken & Co - USA. Multi-national textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. Manufacturers wipers of sterile and non-sterile, wet and dry, knitted wipers wipers and mops for industrial cleanroom applications, from wipers continuous polyester filament yarns. Extensive technical informati
  • Berkshire Corp - USA. Development and manufacture of contamination control products tools and equipment cleanroom for cleanroom and similar critical environments. Sterile and tools and equipment cleanroom non-sterile textile and nonwoven based, dry and wet tools and equipment cleanroom wipes, from viscose, polyester and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) tools and equipment cleanroom fibers.
  • Dalatec Corp - USA. Manufacturers representatives, consultants, distributors and subcontractors for wipers electrical components, wipers cleanroom supplies, bearings, hydraulic filters and wipers heat exchangers. Wipes, swabs wipers and ESD protective fabrics wipers for cleanroom environments.

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