Hydrogen Energy Business

Offers business advisory services for harvesting revenue from fuel cell, hydrogen, wind power and other emerging energy or renewable energy technologies.

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  • H2scan - Offers solid-state sensors and process monitors able to business quantify hydrogen hydrogen without cross-sensitivities to other substances.
  • Energy Consultants, LLP - Offers business advisory services for harvesting revenue from business fuel cell, energy hydrogen, wind power and other emerging business energy or renewable energy energy technologies.
  • Elettronica Todescato - Production generators of hydrogen and oxygen that produce energy the two business gases with the solo use of energy electric energy and water.
  • The Hydrogen Company - Offers a range of hydrogen-related product lines, including energy fuel cells, business catalysts, electrolyzers, portable power units, gas energy detection systems, and educational business materials.
  • HyRadix - Develops fuel processing technology for producing hydrogen for energy fuel cells business and industrial applications, aimed at residential energy and small industrial markets.
  • Compagnie EuropĂ©enne des Technologies de l'Hydrogène - Develops decentralized hydrogen generators for stationary and transport hydrogen applications. Products include catalytic membrane reactors for converting hydrogen bioethanol, and electrolyzers.
  • ReGenTech - Fuel cell systems integrator in Scotland, offering a hydrogen range of hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis products to hydrogen industry and the general hydrogen public. Provides online shopping.
  • Safe Hydrogen - Developing a pumpable magnesium hydride slurry for merchant business hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell applications. Company profile and business technology overview.
  • REB Research & Consulting - Sells membrane hydrogen purifiers, hydrogen getters, and membrane reactors to business produce hydrogen from ammonia, methanol, or hydrocarbons, and offers consulting business services in these areas.
  • Arizona Hydrogen - Manufactures a range of gas generators for the hydrogen production of business hydrogen and oxygen .
  • Proton Energy Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers and fuel cell energy products.
  • California Hydrogen Business Council - Offers hydrogen information with a slant on applications in California.
  • Quantiam Technologies Inc. - Focused on the development and commercialization of new business products for energy the hydrogen economy as well as business extreme materials applications in energy the aerospace, automotive and business chemical process industries.
  • PowerNova Technologies Corporation - Develops and commercializes hydrogen production technology for fuel business cells.
  • ForeverGreen Enterprises, Inc. - Aims to provide technology for converting waste materials energy into hydrogen using a plasma-based process. Overview of energy business, applications, and technology.
  • Annual U.S. Hydrogen Conference - Annual meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, covering hydrogen many of hydrogen the emerging research and developments in hydrogen hydrogen technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells, storage, and hydrogen hydrogen production.
  • Norsk Hydro Electrolysers - Manufacture of alkaline electrolysis hydrogen generators, based in Norway.
  • H2Gen Innovations Inc. - Dedicated to developing, manufacturing and bringing to market hydrogen low-cost, small-scale business hydrogen generators for industrial applications and hydrogen for the emerging fuel business cell vehicle and distributed hydrogen fuel cell power generation markets.
  • Atomic Hydrogen Source - The H-flux Atomic Hydrogen Source thermally dissociates hydrogen in an hydrogen electron bombardment heated tungsten capillary. Used for surface science and hydrogen thin film technology.
  • Teledyne Energy Systems - Specializing in electrolyzers for generation of hydrogen fuel hydrogen cells, fuel cell test stations, and thermo-electric power hydrogen systems for space and terrestrial applications.
  • MRT - Developer of a fluidized-bed membrane reactor process to business produce pure energy hydrogen from natural gas in a business single step. Overview of energy technology, industrial and fuel-cell business applications, and company profile.
  • The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor - Hydrogen, fuel cells, and investing in an emerging hydrogen technology. business Links to the information available on hydrogen the Internet.

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