Bioconversion Waste Management Environment

Conversion of biomass (residues or fuel crops) and waste, ranging from research to commercial technology applications. Site topics include combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, cookstoves, and energy crops.

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See Also:
  • Worldwide Service Company LLC - Clean air combustion technology (incineration) for disposal of environment various types of wastes, including pharmaceutical and industrial.
  • Global Energy Solutions - USA. Environmental company that finances, designs, builds, and waste management operates environment solid waste management non-incineration and thermal converter waste management system to environment produce electricity and desalinization of water waste management from various wastes.
  • Biomass Technology Group - Conversion of biomass (residues or fuel crops) and waste management waste, waste management ranging from research to commercial technology applications. waste management Site topics waste management include combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, waste management cookstoves, and energy waste management crops.
  • Micro-Blaze Microbial Products - Cleans up oil and other hydrocarbon and organic waste management wastes waste management by biodegrading them into harmless byproducts.
  • New Ecology Philosophy - NEPH - Bacteria and enzymes for utilization in agriculture, water bioconversion treatment, anaerobic bioconversion digestion, composting etc.
  • Retexo - Changes fly ash into a building material, a environment sorbent for dry or semi-dry desulphurization of coal environment power plants, and an additive for clay processing.
  • Enviromix (Southern Melbourne) Pty Ltd - Establishes commercially viable, bioconversion facilities capable of recovering and converting bioconversion Australian green organics through a unique biotechnology processing system into bioconversion products with a high market value.
  • Recovered Energy, Inc - Manufactures plasma gasification systems for recycling many types waste management of waste management waste into useable products.
  • Caldwell Environmental - USA. Biological products for the removal of fats, bioconversion oils, and grease, solid wastes and hydrocarbons from bioconversion the environment.
  • EarthFirst Technologies, Inc - Offers conversion services for municipal wastes and other environment organic matter.
  • Anaerobic Digestion - Source for supplier independent information on the Anaerobic waste management Digestion (AD) process and related subjects.
  • Bedminster International - Ireland. Provides a bio-energy technology solution that converts biodegradable waste into biofuel and/or compost.
  • Biocrude Ltd - USA. Innovative technology which converts a variety of environment high organic waste management waste feedstock into a liquid energy environment product with characteristics similar waste management to low sulfur #6 environment fuel Oil.
  • Universal First International Ltd - Offers P-Life plastic additive technology that can control the decomposition waste management of plastic bags. The garbage bags get decomposed to water, waste management carbon dioxide and toxic free biomass.

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