Biomass Renewable Energy

Engineering firm, which designs and builds plants to produce energy from renewable biomass fuels including wood waste, rice hulls, bagasse and papermill sludge.

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  • Bioenergy Research Group - Thermal biomass conversion at Aston University in England, renewable UK. Details of group members, current activities, and renewable publications.
  • Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd. - Technical and engineering services, consultancy, in biomass and energy waste thermal energy conversion by combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. energy Also specializes in techno-economic energy assessments, IPPC applications and energy waste management.
  • Headwaters, Inc. - Synthetic fuels industry reagent supplier, offering full technical renewable support, operations energy management, research and design, in South renewable Jordan, Utah. (Nasdaq: CVOL).
  • SeQuential Biofuels - Promotes and sells ASTM certified fuels created from energy biomass, such biomass as biodiesel and ethanol.
  • Changing World Technologies Inc. - Develop and finance environmental and energy-producing technology. Thermo-Depolymerization and Chemical biomass Reformer (TDP) emulates Earth\\'s own processes, using temperature, pressure and biomass time in a completely enclosed process to reform organic waste biomass material i
  • Renewable Environmental Solutions, LLC - Processing agricultural waste material, utilizing Thermal Conversion Process technology in energy the agricultural and food industries. Describes the technology, pictures, energy news items, and FAQs.
  • Environmental Energy, Inc. - Working to produce butanol using common agricultural feedstocks renewable not only for use as a solvent, but renewable as a fuel that can replace gasoline. Compares renewable butanol to gasoline, future plans, and quick facts.
  • AEBiofuels - Has facilities producing biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol. Locations in biomass India and the United States.
  • Sapphire Energy - Produces high-octane gasoline using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and algae. Lists press releases, the scientific team, and their investors.
  • Cascadia Biofuels Inc. - A distributor and retailer of biofuels, principally biodiesel biomass and ethanol. Delta, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Well to Wire Energy Inc. - Providing power generation systems based on the Coates energy spherical rotary biomass valve engine.
  • Independence BioFuels - Offers branded and unbranded biodiesel, biomass bioheating oil, renewable and biokerosene. Based in Highspire, biomass Pennsylvania, United States.
  • KEM A/S - Danish company specializing in plants and equipment for heat and biomass electricity production based on biomass fuels such as straw and biomass wood. The company has participated in over 200 projects so biomass far worldwide.
  • Inbicon A/S - Working to produce bio-refineries that produce electricity using biomass decomposition of renewable biomass waste in Denmark. Describes their biomass research efforts, the technology renewable used, and biomass offers news items.
  • Prime Energy - Low temperature, air starved, gasification of biomatter to energy produce an energy source for electricity generation, steam energy production, process heat, or any combination thereof.
  • Alternative Energy Solutions - Biomass to energy conversion equipment - Hot air renewable generators, hot water generators and steam boilers.
  • Malavalli Power Project Pvt. Ltd. - Biomass Power Plant in India showcasing use of biomass low density biomass crop residues as commercial fuels for biomass energy production.
  • Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies PVT. LTD. - Founded in 1986, the company specializes in the energy manufacture of renewable biomass gasifiers and solar hot water energy systems.
  • Pure Energy Corporation - Develops and commercializes cleaner burning motor fuels and production technologies energy to produce bio-chemicals, some of which are components of those energy fuels. Also offers additives.
  • Vogelbusch - Consulting, engineering, know-how and contracting for the biotechnology renewable industry. Company energy focuses on contracting of tailormade renewable plants based on energy proprietary technology and/or client renewable technology for the sugar, starch, pharmaceutical, energy chemical and renewable food indus
  • PureVision Technology, Inc. - PureVision has developed a BioMass to Ethanol technology renewable utilizing enzymatic hydrolysis. The feedstock for the renewable process can be any fibrous biomass such as renewable cornstover, rice straw, and woody by products.
  • Alternate-NRG Inc - A consulting company assisting organizations that are considering the move energy to renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol in energy Canada and elsewhere.
  • Premium Pellet Ltd - Canadian manufacturer of wood pellets from sawmill residues such as biomass shavings and sawdust(white wood waste).
  • Propel Inc. - A privately-held biodiesel distribution and services company based in Seattle, energy Washington, United States. Also offers E-85.
  • Biomass Info Centre - specialized agency providing expertise on renewable energy raw materials on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection (Germany). The purpose of BIZ is to provide information on the use of biomass as a renewable energy. BIZ aims to facilitate
  • A.T. Biopower - Biomass energy project company developing rice husk fueled power plants renewable in central Thailand.
  • Bionavitas - Working to create technology for more efficient growth biomass of algae for use in biofuels, nutraceuticals, and biomass environmental benefits. FAQ, production applications, and news items.
  • Sunopta BioProcess Group - They work in the preparation, pretreatment renewable and processing renewable of value added compounds from plant renewable biomass material.
  • Organics Ltd. - Designs, manufactures and installs environmental protection systems. Primary renewable product range energy covers equipment for the safe collection renewable and disposal of landfill energy gas and leachate.
  • Spillingwerk GmbH - Spilling designs, constructs and delivers everything from the energy steam engine to the complete system for generating energy electricity from biomass.
  • ITEC Refining and Marketing and Company Ltd. - Marketing fuel, industrial and beverage grade alcohols and derivative products.
  • Bioenergy Australia - Formed in July 1997 by the Energy Research and Development Corporation, in collaboration with RIRDC and the Australian Greenhouse Office. Provides information on industry participants and activities. Includes worldwide biomass links.
  • Enecon - Australian company involved in renewable biomass project development energy through the provision of innovative technology and engineering.
  • DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation - Patented fast pyrolysis technology (Biotherm) for conversion of organic residues energy such as forest (e.g.sawdust, bark) and agricultural wastes (e.g., bagasse) energy into BioOil, char and non - condensable gases.
  • Pinnacle Corn Stoves - Corn burning stoves. Provides rates, accessories, specifications and energy models.
  • Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation - Offers biodiesel and ethanol production equipment and also biomass consulting services. Based in Cardiff, California, United States.
  • GreenFuel Technologies Corporation - Grows microalgae on power plant flue gas emissions biomass to create biodiesel and ethanol while greatly reducing biomass CO2 and NOx emissions.
  • Vulcan Wood Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of fuel pellets from saw dust and biomass wood waste.
  • Steam and Control Systems, Inc. - Engineering firm, which designs and builds plants to renewable produce energy from renewable biomass fuels including wood renewable waste, rice hulls, bagasse and papermill sludge.
  • Green Star Products, Inc. - Working to produce biorefineries for cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, and algae-based biofuels. Based in the United States.
  • James and James Science Publishers - Publishes and maintains worldwide renewable energy industry directories renewable online.
  • Sorghum Energy Management Company - Project in the UK to produce environmentally sustainable energy from sorghum crop.

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