Medical Waste Biohazardous Materials Waste Management Environment

Offers a broad set of solutions including medical waste services, OSHA compliance, sharps management and pharmaceutical services for diverse healthcare organizations.

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  • Aduromed Corporation - Manufacture MedClean series of technologically advanced waste sterilization waste management systems.
  • Bio Waste LLC - Provides service to hospitals, health clinics, laboratories, nursing biohazardous materials homes, physicians, dentists, industrial clinics, veterinarians, schools and biohazardous materials universities, and all other regulated medical waste generators biohazardous materials throughout Southern New England, USA.
  • Northeast Medical Waste Services, Inc. - Transportation and disposal services of medical and biohazardous waste management waste medical waste in New England, USA.
  • Balcan Engineering Ltd - Manufactures the needle destructor; a device for the medical waste safe waste management destruction of hypodermic needles.
  • Medical Tracking Systems - Offers management and disposal of medical waste, outdated waste management pharmaceuticals, and surgical waste.
  • Bondtech Corporation - Designs and manufactures autoclave systems for infectious medical waste, aerospace medical waste composites, rubber vulcanizing, and wood treatment.
  • GRP & Associates, Inc. - Supplier of infectious waste disposal supplies and services: medical waste sharps medical waste containers, mail-back sharps disposal, and medical waste medical waste disposal.
  • Sure-Way Systems, Inc. - Offers a medical waste disposal service featuring reusable biohazardous materials sharps containers.
  • Saniflash Pty Ltd - Australian company provides non incineration based system to convert medical biohazardous materials waste to inert waste.
  • Sanipak - Manufacturer of medical waste treatment equipment including sterilizers, medical waste compactors, biohazardous materials shredders among others.
  • M.C.M. Environmental Technologies Inc. - Provides SteriMed - a compact medical waste treatment waste management and biohazardous materials disposal system.
  • Tempico, Inc - USA based company provides Rotoclave (rotating autoclave) for waste management treatment waste management of medical waste.
  • Ecodas - France based company designs, manufactures and supplies automated waste management solutions waste management for medical waste treatment.
  • Medical Waste Inc. - Provides containers for the disposal of contaminated waste and disposes the waste through environmentally responsible methods.
  • Sharps Compliance, Inc. - Developer and provider of solutions for improving safety, efficiency and medical waste costs related to the proper disposal of sharps medical waste medical waste by industry and consumers.
  • Red Bag Solutions - Provides managed services solutions for the onsite disposal of infectious medical waste.
  • Matrix Technology Pty Ltd - Offers economical and environmentally sound technology for the treatment medical waste management wastes.
  • Medical Waste Management Inc. (MWM) - Offers services for medical and pharmaceutical waste management waste management specializing in processing and incineration technologies, as well waste management as the provision of a reusable sharps containment waste management and management system.
  • AWS Clinical Waste - On-site Steam Sterilisation technology for clinical waste generators. Australia
  • Hydroclave Systems Corp - Manufacturers of medical waste treatment technology with design/build/operate biohazardous materials capability.
  • Bio-Medical Recovery Inc - USA. Offers medical waste and document destruction services. waste management Information medical waste about service offerings, compliance, contracts, environmental programs waste management and contact medical waste details.
  • OnSite Sterilization, LLC - Provides variclave system of steam sterilization.
  • BioSAFE Engineering - Provides unique integrated solutions that are environmentally responsible, for non-incineration based decontamination, bio-containment and disposal of Medical, Biologic (animal carcass) and liquid effluent wastes.
  • SharpsAway - Supplier of reusable sharps containers and systems for biohazardous materials hospitals, medical waste physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Biomed Recovery & Disposal, Ltd. - Provides medical waste transport and disposal services in the province biohazardous materials of Saskatchewan,Canada.
  • Stericycle, Inc. - Offers a broad set of solutions including medical biohazardous materials waste medical waste services, OSHA compliance, sharps management and pharmaceutical biohazardous materials services for medical waste diverse healthcare organizations.
  • Ideas Development Corporation Pty Limited (IDC Medical) - Australian supplier of sharps collectors, cytotoxic containers and medical waste other hospital plastics for use by health care medical waste professionals.

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