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  • National Association of Screening Agencies - A group of screening companies that share information credit and collection on tenants across the US to better serve credit and collection their clients.
  • Apscreen - Credit reporting services for commercial and residential property managers to tenant screening check tenant credit scores.
  • SafeRent, Inc. - Internet-based applicant screening and risk management for the credit and collection multifamily housing industry.
  • Key Services Corporation - Screens applications, checks references, obtains credit checks and tenant screening advises landlords. Based in San Francisco, CA, serving tenant screening the Bay Area.
  • Credit Match Tenant Screening - Reports include credit, criminal and eviction data and financial services are available online or via fax.
  • The Landlord Connection, Inc. - Eviction records and free screening tips online.
  • AAC Tenant Screening & Credit Report Services, Inc. - Provides employee and tenant screening services.
  • Zip Reports, L.L.C. - Merged credit reports, scores, criminal checks, evictions data credit and collection and public records provided online.
  • United Landlords of America - Landlords can request and view credit reports online as well as search for judgments and criminal records.
  • You Check Credit - Online credit reporting service for landlords.
  • Rental Research Services - Residential selection reports and pre-employment screening.
  • UD Registry - Provides national credit reports for landlords.
  • Rentgrow, Inc - Resident screening, management reporting and decision support.
  • RealPage, Inc. - Provides a web-based tenant screening decision tool.
  • National Association of Independent Landlords - Texas based firm offers tenant screening, automatic rent collection and financial services service referrals to member landlords.
  • Pacific Screening, Inc. - Offers credit, criminal background and tenant screening services credit and collection for landlords.
  • CIS Data Systems - Develops residential mortgage, tenant screening and employment credit reports.
  • Tenant Check, LLC - Performs tenant screening services for purchase or resale.
  • Landlord 2 Landlord - Network of landlords sharing and collecting renters histories credit and collection credit and collection and qualifications.
  • DetectFraud - Provides employee and tenant screening services, with access to criminal tenant screening record and background check products.
  • Background Checks Systems, Inc. - Offers tenant and employment screening background checks.
  • Residency Bureau - Providing evictions data, credit and criminal reports and rental tenant screening history information.
  • RealCheck America, Inc. - Providing landlord forms, credit and rental reports on prospective tenants, collections and a tenant management system.
  • Citi Credit Bureau - Access credit reports, prior addresses, eviction reports and credit and collection criminal records.
  • Resident Data - Background reports on rental applicants.
  • Tenant Screening Credit - Santa Rosa, CA firm offers client agreements and rental applications online.
  • ADREM Profiles, Inc. - Conducts public records research utilized for employment and tenant screening.
  • DETI Enterprises - Offers Checkifirstonline.com, a Canadian tenant screening service with credit and collection help, information and resources for landlords, apartment and credit and collection property managers.
  • Metropolitan Tenant Information Services, Inc. - Information for today\'s real estate owners, Des Planes, IL.
  • FABCO - Develops tenant screening and employment reports in Columbus, tenant screening OH.
  • CreditLink Corporation - Offers tenant credit reports 24 hours a day credit and collection online.
  • Tenant Screening Network - Provides reports such as credit, eviction, criminal record and employment financial services check.
  • Advantage Tenant Screening and Credit Report Services - Offers tenant screening services throughout the US and financial services 30 minute credit reports by fax.
  • The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc. - Provides forms, resources, advice, tenant screening and credit financial services reports.
  • USA-Tenant, Inc. - Provides credit information, tenant screening, criminal history, and other verification services for the real estate industry.
  • First Advantage SafeRent, Inc - Tenant screening services available online for residents throughout the US. credit and collection Includes memberships and affiliations, and industry resources.

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