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Arranges a wide variety of activities both professional and social, designed to appeal primarily to students and recently qualified actuaries.

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  • Actuaries Club of the Southwest - Professional and social network for actuaries in New Mexico, Texas, actuarial science Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
  • Actuaries Club of Philadelphia - Actuaries in life insurance, pension plans and academia. actuarial science Meetings discuss actuarial science, finance, and economics.
  • Chicago Actuarial Association - Support and networking for actuaries, exam preparation and insurance dates, meeting actuarial science calendar.
  • Korean American Actuarial Society - Organization (not limited but mainly) for Korean American actuaries and actuarial science actuarial students, regardless of areas of specialties.
  • The International Association of Black Actuaries - Offers mentoring and professional development to Black actuarial students and clubs professionals, and financial assistance and mentors for Black high school clubs and college students.
  • Actuarial Network - Provides an interactive actuarial database for publicly modifiable actuarial news, actuarial science downloads, links, and forums.
  • Nebraska Actuaries Club - Networking opportunities and scholarships to the Nebraska actuarial actuarial science community.
  • Actuarial Science Students - Web-based club providing an opportunity for students of Actuarial Science and qualified professionals to interact and enhance their knowledge.
  • Iowa Actuaries Club - Includes club information, meeting announcements, membership directory and insurance phone list.
  • Casualty Actuarial Society Regional Affiliates - Directory of Casualty Actuarial Society local clubs and actuarial science associations.
  • Staple Inn Actuarial Society - Arranges a wide variety of activities both professional actuarial science and insurance social, designed to appeal primarily to students actuarial science and recently insurance qualified actuaries.
  • Chinese Actuarial Club - Organization of Chinese actuaries working in North America and other actuarial science parts of the world.
  • Actuarial Students' National Association - Organization representing actuarial science students from Canadian universities.

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