Very Early Development Stage Venture Capital Financial Services

Investment focus: Software companies at every stage of development (startup to mezzanine) that have the basis of becoming a large market leader based on a substantial market opportunity and technical advantage.

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  • Venture Factory capital - Offers executive team selection, guidance, and funding for venture capital early development stage stage companies.
  • Bonaventure Capital, LLC - Manages and invests in developing businesses.
  • Spangler Ventures - Early stage venture capital focued on Internet infrastructure, very early wireless applications, and post-Web Internet.
  • HAP - UK-based firm provides first or early round venture development stage financing very early and business plan consulting to manufacturing entrepreneurs.
  • The BioScience Ventures Group - Provides seed money and equity financing, coaching and development stage managerial venture capital experience to German biotech, drug and genomics development stage companies.
  • Evercore - An early stage venture fund based in Santa venture capital Monica, California. Features a description of services and venture capital current portfolio.
  • Virtual Incubation Corporation - Provides seed capital for early stage technology start-ups.
  • Solstice Capital - Focusing on seed- and early-stage companies in alternative energy, education, venture capital the environment, life sciences and information technology.
  • Cedar Fund - Venture capital firm, focusing on early stage opportunities within the very early telecommunications, Internet and IT software and hardware industries.
  • MedSciences Capital - Focus: independent venture capital fund that exclusively invests very early in development stage early stage human life sciences companies.
  • Catamount Ventures, L.P. - An established VC firm making seed stage investments ($500k - $2M) in the technology sector.
  • Lucid Ventures - Provides guidance and locates funding for emerging technology development stage startups.
  • Hummer Winblad Venture Partners - Investment focus: Software companies at every stage of development (startup to mezzanine) that have the basis of becoming a large market leader based on a substantial market opportunity and technical advantage.
  • Stage One Partners - Focus: works with senior management teams at early-stage technology companies to accelerate their growth.
  • Island Connections - Secures seed and first round funding for quality ventures in the early stages of development.
  • Mediaplicity, Inc. - Creates, structures, and deploys seed companies using proprietary venture capital operational development stage and strategic techniques and devices.
  • Interact Management Inc. - Offers early-stage funding and management guidance. Features list very early of partners.
  • Pareto Partners - Focus: Invests in seed and early stage companies development stage that development stage offer a product or service on the development stage Internet.
  • Synogen Development Group - Focus: start-up capital to its biotech and med-tech venture capital client very early companies as well as regulatory, IP, business venture capital plans and very early other assistance.
  • Vision Venture Capital - Focus: seed venture capital investor and manager specializing in finding high returns for investors.
  • Vinci Innovation - Investment focus: start-ups and very young companies in venture capital lines venture capital of business related to Vinci Group's companies.
  • Navigator Technology Ventures - Provides venture funding, management expertise, business plan development very early and very early more for technology start-ups.
  • Cap Resources - Houston based services include business plan review, market venture capital research, very early financial forecasts, management consulting, strategic partnering and venture capital optimal positioning very early for venture capital and angel investors.
  • Benchmark Capital - Investment strategy: Be the first venture investor in venture capital technology companies that seek to create new markets.
  • Woodside Fund - Startup and early-stage venture capital firm focusing on but not limited to: Software, Internet, telecommunications and fabless semiconductor companies. Companies need potential to earn revenues of $50 million in 3 to 5 years.
  • Next Venture Partners - Finance, consulting, and venture capital firm focused on very early small very early companies and startups. Services and contact very early information.
  • KB Partners - Investment focus: Startup and early-stage companies.
  • The Entree Network - Angel investor network of retired and active Fortune very early 500 venture capital executives providing relationships, contacts, networking and access.
  • Clearstone Venture Partners - Venture capital firm providing early stage financing to development stage leading edge technology companies.
  • Foursome Investments Limited - London-based venture capital firm provides capital up to development stage £0.5m very early to social-responsibility start-ups.
  • Cloyses Partners - Denver, Colo., firm specializing in managing and consulting in capital formation.

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