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  • Biosun GmbH - Producing items for naturopathy and wellness industry, with healthcare FAQ and details of products and ingredients. Located healthcare in Germany.
  • NHP India - Research and development of homeopathic pharmaceuticals.
  • Virtual Medicine - Cognitive pain management therapy equipment that can be alternative used in alternative isolation, or in conjunction with traditional alternative pharmacologic strategies.
  • Dotolo Research - Manufactures colon hydrotherapy equipment and supplies.
  • Aura Cameras, Biofeedback Kirlian & Aura Video Systems - Aura and chakra imaging systems, Kirlian photography, and biofeedback devices.
  • High Tech Health, Inc - Manufactures water ionizers and infra-red saunas, with product details and healthcare company philosophy. Boulder, Colorado, USA.
  • Integris - Manufacturer of bioceutical supplements, skin care products, and business specialized formulas.
  • Bhandari Homeopathic Laboratories - Manufacturer, importer, and bulk supplier of homeopathic remedies, preparations, and natural herbal extracts. India.
  • Puristat - Manufacturer of a product containing herbs and laxatives. healthcare Includes products, content, and insight on colon healthcare cleansing and digestive wellness.
  • Oxygen Experience - Highlighting oxygen bar business concepts, equipment, and products healthcare available through healthcare a licensing program.
  • Institute of Medical and Biological Cybernetics - Computer game trainers for relaxation and to reduce alternative heart rate.
  • Heel - Manufacturers of homeopathic remedies.
  • Cara Professional - Distributor of case study and tracking software programs business for homeopathic practitioners.
  • GeneScience Pharmaceutical, Inc. - Manufacturer of injectable human growth hormone.
  • Aura Photo - Aura imaging equipment, supplies, and software.
  • Naturo Pharm - Homoeopathic remedies from New Zealand.
  • Kama Ayurveda - Pure ayurvedic skin and hair care oils, creams, and soaps.
  • Thought Technology, Ltd. - Biofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Products, applications, and healthcare training information.
  • World Health Products, Inc. - Manufactures a chelation detoxification product for heavy metal poisoning.
  • Enzymatic Therapy - Manufacturer of natural and alternative medicines and therapies. Includes product healthcare descriptions and abstracts.
  • Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc. - Manufacturer of oxygen and aromatherapy systems for sale healthcare or rent, healthcare with custom designed equipment for home healthcare and commercial use.
  • Bionutric - Wholesaler for anti-aging products.
  • Denas MS - Russian manufacturer of dynamic electric stimulation equipment for relaxation and muscle re-training.
  • Enaly Trade Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of ozone generators and ionic air purifiers.
  • Eagle Research LLC - Designs, manufactures, and markets alternative health products including business nutritional supplements, healthcare homeopathic remedies, and bio-magnetic generators.
  • Lhasa OMS, Inc. - Providing acupuncture supplies including needles, magnets, and homeopathy alternative supplies, with business FAQ, catalog and ordering details.
  • Swiss Medica - Manufacturer of an herbal topical pain relief oil, and a pre-menstrual pain relief supplement.
  • BioMental - Manufacturers of biofeedback equipment and brainwave modulators.
  • Inneractive Enterprises, Inc. - Suppliers of an interactive multimedia biofeedback computer system, business with a alternative presentation and pricing details. Venice, California, business USA.
  • Prescriptive Music - Manufacturer of healing music CDs used as a business meditation for business wellness. Includes technical and study data.

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