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Biodegradable non-toxic cleaner for all parts of x-ray film processors used in radiology departments.  Diagnostic imaging relies on clear image for clear x-rays.

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  • Carr Corporation - Products include x-ray illuminators, cassette passboxes, darkroom casework, lead shields, and surgical casework.
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  • KCARE - X-ray equipment evaluation centre providing advice on selection and purchasing radiology of radiological equipment in the UK.
  • Sure Quality Imaging X-Ray Film and Supplies - Distributor of Low cost X-ray film and X-ray supplies. (Stoughton, WI)
  • Vision Imaging Partners, Inc. - Carries a full line of radiographic equipment, products, products and services and x-ray accessories serving the medical industry through products and services a nationwide member network.
  • Almen Laboratories, Inc. - A developer and supplier of complex and innovative diagnostic software solutions diagnostic in computer-aided detection, image and data diagnostic processing and analysis.
  • Clearmark - Providing X-ray markers that are non toxic and radiology environmentally safe. diagnostic They contain absorbing material with no radiology lead or mercury. (Phoenix, diagnostic Arizona)
  • Richardson Imaging Services, Inc. - Medical, chiropractic, dental, and veterinary equipment, darkroom supplies, x-ray design products and services and consulting.
  • Debex (Pty) Ltd. - Lodox, a Low Dose Digital x-ray machines for radiology Emergency and Trauma applications.
  • B&J X-Ray - Products for medical imaging including x-ray film, x-ray processors, x-ray equipment, darkroom accessories, cassettes and screens.
  • Medical Imaging Systems - Suppliers of medical x-ray equipment.
  • Penn-Jersey X-Ray - Film, lead shields and aprons, viewboxes, and other products and services products and services accessories. Includes online catalog.
  • AADCO Medical Inc. - Manufacturer of x-ray protective wear, x-ray protective glasses, diagnostic medical imaging and surgical products.
  • Rocky Mountain Radiographics - Offer quality x-ray products, state-of-the-art x-ray equipment, and services. Carry AGFA films and processor chemistry.
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  • Poersch Metal Manufacturing, Inc. - A family owned metal fabricating company specializing in the manufacture radiology of precision x-ray equipment serving the radiological industry.
  • National Discount X-ray Supply - Radiology supplies, including X-ray film, storage boxes and protective apparel.
  • Thomson Nielsen - Develops and manufactures radiation measurement devices. Corporate profile products and services radiology and product information.
  • Empire Teleradiology Associates - Offers consulting and interpretation services for with an products and services diagnostic emphasis on orthopedic clinics and CT screening centers.
  • Meditronics-India - Manufacturer and exporter of X-ray and medical equipment radiology like mobile C-Arm image intensifier, mammography unit, penoromic radiology dental unit, portable X-ray units, dark room X-ray radiology accessories.
  • CPAC Imaging - Provides x-ray illuminators, processing chemicals and other radiology diagnostic supplies.
  • Neutron X-Ray and Imaging Systems - Providing breakdown service to medical x-ray imaging equipment through Australia and Oceania regions.
  • X-Ray Medical Electronics, Inc. - Supplies x-ray and imaging equipment, supplies, accessories and radiology service to products and services maintain your radiographic/fluoroscopic x-ray equipment and radiology film processors.
  • Image Content Technology LLC - Lucis image processing software reveals information hidden in products and services the image such as the surface of bone, products and services even soft tissue like muscle, nerves and tumors.
  • Progeny, Inc. - Offers Eureka medical imaging components, including, linear collimator systems and accessories.
  • ImageLabs, Inc. - Provides solutions for PACS, teleradiology and telecardiology applications.
  • Alliance Imaging, Inc. - Provider of diagnostic services including, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), open-MRI, computed tomography (CT), single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT), ultrasound and positron emission tomography (PET).
  • EDL - European provider of IT solutions in the field diagnostic of Radiology Information Systems (RIS).
  • X-Ray Service and Supply, Inc. - Made in USA x-ray film, from panoramic to full spine.
  • Image Management Systems and Support Corporation - Imaging systems integration specialist, specializing in PACS. Also provides mobile X-Ray, EKG, and interpretation services.
  • Clear Image Radiology - Biodegradable non-toxic cleaner for all parts of x-ray products and services radiology film processors used in radiology departments.  Diagnostic imaging products and services radiology relies on clear image for clear x-rays.
  • ELK Nishimoto - Offering a wide range of reliable medical and products and services x-ray products from Japan.
  • Welch Allyn - The place where healthcare professionals learn about all products and services diagnostic Welch Allyn medical diagnostic equipment, select the right products and services diagnostic instruments, identify authorized distributors, and use a growing products and services diagnostic desktop reference of clinical information.
  • Nolan Multiple X-ray Filters - A resource for filters, gonad shields, and calipers.
  • Kimtron, Inc. - Established in 1994, specializes in industrial x-ray products, products and services radiology services and systems integration.
  • Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc. - The worlds largest online radiology products website featuring radiology over 3000 products and services products from over 150 manufactures.
  • Innovations in dry imaging - DICOM plain paper printing.
  • Dynamic Imaging, Inc - Developer of digital radiography, with details of products and technology. radiology Allendale, New Jersey, USA.
  • Stat Rad - Provides image interpretation as a supplement to private practice radiologists.
  • Radtech X-ray Inc. - Dealer of Konica medical imaging equipment and X-ray diagnostic film. Del products and services Medical imaging equipment. Used x-ray equipment diagnostic and parts.
  • CorScan Plus - Offers turnkey packages for physicians to begin office-based diagnostic nuclear cardiology diagnostic services. Features course information and schedule diagnostic as well as details diagnostic of programs for institutions.
  • Core Medical Imaging, Inc. - Provide medical digital imaging solutions to hospitals, clinics products and services radiology and imaging centers in the Pacific Northwest. Canon products and services radiology PACS and Digital Radiography Systems. Quantum Medical Radiology products and services radiology Systems.
  • First Medical Imaging, Corp. - Used and new radiological equipment.
  • Philippine Medical Systems Incorporated - Toshiba Medical Systems diagnostic imaging systems distributor. diagnostic Products, online products and services inquiry, and job openings.
  • CIS-US, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets radiopharmaceuticals, radioaerosol drug delivery diagnostic devices, radiation radiology sources for industrial radiography and medical diagnostic brachytherapy, and blood unit radiology irradiation systems.

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