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Manufactures a full line of X-Ray protective accessories including: lead aprons, collars, gloves, glasses, glass, blockers and vinyl coated lead products.

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  • Kuiper Medical Instruments - The Oscitome is a block-cutting device based on manufacturers a revolutionary concept, and produces individual radiotherapy shielding manufacturers blocks with unequalled cutting precision.
  • Brand X-Ray, Co, Inc. - Manufacturer of x-ray tubes for use in medical, diagnostic dental, veterinary radiology and industrial imaging and inspection applications.
  • Americomp - Providing quality radiographic systems and components to medical, diagnostic chiropractic and veterinary clinics worldwide.
  • Fischer Imaging Corporation - Designs, manufactures and markets specialty and general purpose imaging systems, including specialty x-ray imaging components and subsystems, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. (Nasdaq: FIMG).
  • Dunlee - Manufacturer and global supplier of high-quality X-ray tubes radiology for use in CT and radiographic applications.
  • Sinmed - Dutch manufacturer of positioning systems and thermoplastic material for patient diagnostic positioning in radiotherapy.
  • Ajex Meditech, Ltd. - High frequency x-ray generator. New model "ajex" series diagnostic provide improved radiology image quality and reduced radiation dosage diagnostic for patients and operators.
  • Hologic, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets proprietary x-ray systems to diagnostic assist in diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis and diagnostic other metabolic bone diseases. (Nasdaq: HOLX).
  • Digital MRI XXI - A new company with a great product.
  • Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of products for physical medicine and radiology. manufacturers Located in Shirley, New York.
  • Shielding International Inc. - Manufactures a full line of X-Ray protective accessories diagnostic including: lead aprons, collars, gloves, glasses, glass, blockers diagnostic and vinyl coated lead products.
  • PhotoDetection Systems, Inc. - A description of PET products that the manufacturer diagnostic provides to radiology the research and clinical diagnostic community.
  • IBA - Health solutions including cancer treatment, proton therapy, radiology and ultrasound. radiology Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgim. (Euronext: IBAB)
  • Epix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Develops contrast agents designed for multiple imaging indications, radiology including coronary diagnostic artery and peripheral vascular disease. Profiles radiology of technology and company diagnostic in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: radiology EPIX)
  • Fairlogic Devices - Manufacturer of radiology equipment and cost effective PC diagnostic based solution diagnostic provider in India. Product range includes diagnostic PC-based imaging solutions, diagnostic diagnostic X-ray systems, automatic multiformat diagnostic video imagers (multiformat camera).
  • Imatron, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, and markets computer tomography scanners for use in cardiac and radiology diagnostic procedures. (Nasdaq: IMAT).
  • S and S X-ray Products - Manufacturer of quality x-ray accessories and motorized viewers.

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