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TIA - a non-profit, national association that represents and speaks for the common interests and concerns of all components of the U.S. travel industry.

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  • Travel and Tourism Research Association - TTRA - an international professional organization comprised of travel providers and travel users of travel and tourism research.
  • International Air Transport Association - IATA - a trade association representing and serving associations the airline hospitality industry world-wide.
  • International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators - ISTTE - an international organization of educators in travel, hospitality tourism, and related fields representing all levels of educational institutions.
  • OpenTravel Alliance - OTA - a trade group developing a common associations standard for associations the exchange of information within the associations travel industry.
  • International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus - IACVB - promotes professional practices in the solicitation hospitality and servicing of meetings and conventions.
  • International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association - IGLTA - a trade association committed to growing and enhancing its members\\' gay and lesbian tourism business through education, promotion and networking.
  • Pacific Asia Travel Association - PATA - a non-profit travel trade association serving travel government tourist offices, airlines, hotels and other travel travel-related companies throughout the Pacific Asia region.
  • World Travel and Tourism Council - WTTC - an international organization of travel industry associations executives promoting travel and tourism worldwide.
  • American Bus Association - ABA - a trade association representing motorcoach and associations tour companies, hospitality travel and tourism organizations, and suppliers associations of bus products and hospitality services in the U.S. associations and Canada.
  • Passenger Vessel Association - PVA - a national association representing the interests travel of owners travel and operators of dinner cruise vessels, travel sightseeing and excursion vessels, travel gaming boats, car and travel passenger ferries, private charter vessels, and travel overnight cruise travel ships under U.S., state, or
  • The Travel Industry Association of America - TIA - a non-profit, national association that represents associations and speaks for the common interests and concerns associations of all components of the U.S. travel industry.
  • Airports Council International - The international association of the world\\'s airports. ACI fosters cooperation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including governmental, airline and aircraft manufacturing organizations.
  • Regional Airline Association - The RAA represents U.S. regional airlines and the suppliers of products and services that support the industry, before federal and state agencies.
  • National Tour Association - NTA - a trade group for U.S. tour hospitality operators and associations related businesses.
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation - ARC handles airline ticket distribution, control and settlement hospitality and controls travel accreditation of travel agencies that issue hospitality airline tickets.
  • Tourism Industry Conference 2002 in British Columbia - Program and online registration for this conference to be held Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2002.
  • Airports Council International North America - ACI-NA represents local, regional and state governing bodies that own hospitality and operate commercial airports in the United States and Canada.
  • The Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards - ACRISS is a European Economic Interests Group, which travel has been setting display standards for the car travel rental industry via global distribution systems since 1989.
  • African Travel & Tourism Association - ATTA promotes the tourism products of members with destinations within associations Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
  • Association of Travel Marketing Executives - ATME - a professional, non-profit association of executives travel with vital associations responsibilities in the marketing of tourism travel and travel worldwide.
  • Adventure Travel Trade Association - Global membership organization dedicated to promoting and growing the adventure travel market.
  • Association of Corporate Travel Executives - ACTE - a professional association representing corporate travel hospitality managers and travel service providers in 29 countries.
  • World Tourism Organization - WTO - an intergovernmental organization that serves as hospitality a global forum for tourism policy and issues.
  • Interactive Travel Services Association - ITSA - an online travel industry trade group travel devoted to hospitality eliminating barriers to growth and protecting travel consumers.
  • The Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations - FIYTO - an open, world-wide, non-political and non-sectarian hospitality travel trade travel association advocating the special identity of hospitality young travellers, and their travel right to flexible, affordable hospitality travel and travel-related services.
  • International Association of Tour Managers Ltd - IATM - a professional Association of experienced Tour Managers and associations Travel Guides
  • North West CruiseShip Association - NWSA - a not-for-profit association working on behalf of the nine member lines to build positive relationships with communities and government agencies and to develop strong partnerships with communities and business in Canada, Alaska and the Pacific Nort
  • Society For Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) - A non-profit agency offering assistance and information for travelers with disabilities. Includes information for travel agents, resources, and a calendar of events.
  • International Council of Cruise Lines - ICCL - a trade organization that participates in associations the regulatory associations and policy development process to ensure associations a safe, secure and associations healthy cruise ship environment.
  • Small Business Hospitality Association - SBHA is dedicated to networking and professionalism throughout the hospitality small business hospitality industry.
  • International Federation for Information Technology and Tourism - IFITT - an international organization that promotes discussion about information hospitality technologies in the field of tourism.
  • International Student Travel Confederation - ISTC - a nonprofit confederation of student travel organisations around the world whose focus is to develop, promote and facilitate travel among young people and students.
  • Cruise Lines International Association - CLIA - the official trade organization of the associations cruise industry hospitality of North America. It offers associations support and training for hospitality the travel agent community, associations including the Cruise Counsellor Certification Program. hospitality (Requires flash associations player.)
  • International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers - A non-profit organization that provides medical information for countries around associations the world, as well as associated English speaking doctors in associations 300+ cities.
  • Travel Media Association of Canada - TMAC - a national trade association representing members travel of the communications media who are involved at travel a professional level in the dissemination of information travel about travel.
  • Society of Incentive and Travel Executives - SITE - a worldwide organization of business professionals hospitality dedicated to the recognition and development of motivational hospitality and performance improvement strategies of which travel is hospitality a key component.
  • The International Ecotourism Society - TIES promotes ecotourism, conservation and sustainable development.
  • Outside Sales Support Network - OSSN - a trade association for independent contractors and outside hospitality sales agents in travel. (Requires flash player.)
  • Association for Tourism and Leisure Education - ATLAS is a global network of universities with hospitality research and education interests in tourism and leisure. hospitality It conducts research in cultural tourism, sustainable tourism, hospitality ICT, human resources, and SMEs.
  • United States Tour Operators Association - USTOA - a professional association representing the tour operator industry, associations composed of tour companies who conduct business in the U.S.
  • Caribbean Tourism Organization - CTO is a trade organization whose main objective associations is the hospitality development of sustainable tourism for the associations economic and social benefit hospitality of Caribbean people.
  • Latin American Travel Association - LATA - a trade organization that promotes travel and tourism associations in Latin America.
  • Arab Air Carriers Organization - AACO is the regional association of the Arab travel Airlines. It associations is a non-profit organization with a travel mission to assist its associations member airlines to achieve travel safer and more economical operations.
  • National Business Travel Association - The NBTA represents the interests of corporate travel associations managers and hospitality travel service providers in the U.S.
  • Student and Youth Travel Association - SYTA - a non-profit, professional trade association associations that promotes travel student and youth travel.
  • Central European Countries Travel Association - CECTA - a trade organization promoting the Central European region\\'s travel travel and tourist destinations and services.
  • European Regions Airline Association - ERAA - the representative body for regional air transport throughout associations Europe. It currently represents 78 airlines and 49 airports.
  • The International Bureau of Social Tourism - BITS - promotes the right of all to associations leisure, holidays and tourism.
  • Travel Technology Initiative - TTI facilitates the development of open standards for the exchange of electronic data between tour operators, airlines, ferries, hotels and rail operators.

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