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Sites that present full service machine shops that are located in the state of Oregon are contained in this category.

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See Also:
  • Torley Precision Machining - Offers CNC machining and EDM services to the medical, dental, general manufacturing, and electronics industries. Presents a company overview and employment discussion.
  • Macro Manufacturing Co. - Machined parts such as housings, shafts, wheels, gear blanks, screws, nuts, bearing housings, special threads. Uses CAD/CAM and CNC machines. Inspection and statistical process control.
  • CNC Precision Manufacturing Inc. - Specialize in CNC turning, milling, multi-axis mill turning, oregon Swiss screw machining, CAD/CAM engineering, production and prototyping.
  • Tillamook Precision Incorporated - Offers CNC production machining services in Tilamook.
  • Tumac Incorporated - Contract manufacturing machine shop in Lowell.
  • OutBack Manufacturing Inc. - Handles short and long run machining requirements. Site oregon lists range of available equipment.

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