Dosing and Metering Positive Displacement Chemical and Process Pumps

US based manufacturer of chemical process equipment including metering pumps for injecting, blending and batching of liquids or gases into liquids.

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  • Zenith Products - US manufacturer of precision metering pumps for the fiber, chemical, and plastics industries. Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation.
  • NCA Technologies - Supplier of dispensing solutions for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. positive displacement Product range includes ceramic pumps, valves, and related equipment. US positive displacement based (PA).
  • Jesco Products Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of meter, mix, dispense and pumping equipment dosing and metering and related equipment.
  • Indag Maschinenbau GmbH - German manufacturer of metering and mixing pumps and dosing and metering systems.
  • S. R. Metering Pumps and Systems - Manufacturer of positive displacement pumps with focus on dosing and metering metering applications in India.
  • LMI Pumps - Featuring chemical metering pumps and accessories from Flomotion dosing and metering Systems. US based.
  • ChemIndustrial Systems, Inc. - US based manufacturer of chemical process equipment including positive displacement metering pumps for injecting, blending and batching of positive displacement liquids or gases into liquids.
  • HEG Engineering GmbH - German based manufacturer of mixing and metering pumps positive displacement and systems.
  • Zenith Pumps - Offers pulseless, repeatable metering pump systems for the chemical process, positive displacement polymer synthesis, and synthetic fiber industries.
  • Neptune Chemical Pump Company - US manufacturer of chemical hydraulic and electronic diaphragm positive displacement metering pumps.
  • NIKKISO Pumps America - Manufactures metering pumps and accessories for variety of positive displacement industrial chemical and process and processing applications. Site provides detailed product positive displacement information.
  • Vindum Engineering - US provider of high-pressure, pulseless metering pumps and valves for chemical and process the petrochemical industry.
  • NETZSCH Incorporated - US manufacturer of specialized industrial equipment including progressing positive displacement cavity dosing and metering pumps, wet and dry grinding, dispersion and positive displacement classification equipment.
  • OBL s.r.l. - Italian manufacturer of motor driven metering pumps. Product line includes positive displacement plunger, hydraulic and mechanical diagraphm pumps.
  • Alldos - Manufacturer of chemical dosing pumps and systems and related products in Germany. Member of Grundfos group.
  • Sidewinder Pumps, Inc - Manufacturers of pneumatic and electric chemical metering pumps dosing and metering positive displacement designed for high-pressure chemical injection. US based.
  • Dosapro Milton Roy - Production and sales of dosing and metering pumps and systems, agitators and pinch valves. Member of Hamilton Sundstrand Group. Based in France.
  • Liquid Controls (Aust) Pty Ltd. - Australian manufacturer and importer of liquid handling equipment, dosing and metering positive displacement such as controllers, dosing pumps, sensors and accessories dosing and metering positive displacement for industrial applications.
  • Jesco America Corporation (JAC) - Manufacturer of positive displacement metering pumps and chemical feed equipment. dosing and metering US based company affiliated with German Jesco Dosiertechnik. Features pump dosing and metering selection guide.
  • Zaxis inc. - Manufacturer of programmable positive displacement fluid metering systems dosing and metering and dispensing equipment. Solutions for OEM and benchtop dosing and metering dispensing. US based (UT).
  • Fluid Metering - US manufacturer of precision metering pumps and dispensers utilizing patented positive displacement CeramPump valveless piston technology. Provides pdf catalogues.
  • Liquid Metronics Inc. - US manufacturer of electronic and motor-driven chemical metering pumps, controllers chemical and process and accessories.
  • ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH - German based manufacturers of dosing pumps and systems. Product information dosing and metering includes operating instructions.
  • Bran + Luebbe - Design, development and manufacture of proportioning and process positive displacement pump chemical and process systems and analyzing equipment for metering, analyzing positive displacement and processing chemical and process of liquids in a range of positive displacement industrial applications. Part chemical and process of the SPX Corp.
  • Hauke Pumps - Austrian manufacturer of metering pumps as single or chemical and process positive displacement multiple gear machines for industrial applications e.g. in chemical and process positive displacement chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industry.
  • Fluid Control Pumps & Systems - Indian manufacturer of metering pumps and related equipment.
  • Positive Metering Pumps (I) Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of dosing pumps and systems, as well as positive positive displacement displacement pumps for process applications. India.

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