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'Lasercheck' surface roughness gage is for measuring Ra roughness of a variety of materials including metals, magnetic media, plastics, ceramics.

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  • Zygo Corporation - Designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, laser-based, non-contact machinery and tools machinery and tools electro-optical measuring instruments, systems and accessories and optical machinery and tools machinery and tools components. (Nasdaq: ZIGO).
  • View Engineering Inc. - Manufacture of vision-based non-contact metrology systems.
  • OEG - Supplies a large range of optical measuring and machinery and tools non-contact and video inspection test equipment for the optical, semiconductor, machine-building, beverage machinery and tools non-contact and video inspection can and glass manufacturing industries.
  • isi-sys - Supplies non-contact sensor systems to measure vibration, deformation, strain and non-contact and video inspection stress using interferometry and imaging techniques.
  • Breuckmann GmbH - Offer a complete product spectrum for 3- dimensional non-contact and video machinery and tools inspection metrology and digitization for automotive industry, model, die non-contact and machinery and tools video inspection and tool making, quality control, dental and medical non-contact machinery and tools and video inspection industries.
  • Sensofar - Manufacturers of 3D non-contact surface measurement equipment (profilers) non-contact and video inspection based on confocal microscopy and interferometry
  • Laser Vision Technologies - Provides used and refurbished optical and laser-based measurement industrial metrology systems industrial metrology for the electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Applied Kinetics, Inc. - Autocollimators for precision angle measurement, and machine vision technology components non-contact and video inspection in Hutchinson, Minnesota.
  • Shapeline - Manufacturer of Flatness and Cross-bow measurement Laser based systems for in-process measurement for steel and metal production.
  • Third Dimension Software Ltd - Non-contact dimensional metrology systems includes robot mounting, real-time, machinery and tools machinery and tools hand-held solutions.
  • Schmitt Industries, Inc. - Designs, assembles and markets computer-controlled balancing equipment primarily non-contact and video inspection for use by the machine tool industry. Includes non-contact and video inspection specification of products manufactured in Portland, Oregon. (Nasdaq: non-contact and video inspection SMIT)
  • SR-Instruments Oy - Finland. Design, development and manufacture of on-line monitoring and process industrial metrology control systems for continuous and real-time inspection and quality measurement industrial metrology of metal strips and foils, and paper and board. Detailed industrial metrology product catalogs, including technical i
  • Nextec - Specializes in the design and implementation of intelligent machinery and tools industrial metrology computer-aided visual metrology and quality control systems for machinery and tools industrial metrology high-precision metal and plastic industries.
  • ICOS Vision Systems Corporation N.V. - Develops and supplies machine vision and inspection solutions industrial metrology for industrial metrology use in back-end semiconductor manufacturing and electronic industrial metrology assembly industries. industrial metrology (Nasdaq: IVIS).
  • Optical Gaging Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of non-contact and multi-sensor measuring systems used industrial metrology for quality control, coordinate measuring, and general purpose industrial metrology inspection.
  • Indev Gauging Systems - A supplier of non-contact industrial gauging equipment.
  • TONAN ASIA AUTOTECH - Reseller of Video Microscope and Automation equipment
  • Optical Dimensions - \\'Lasercheck\\' surface roughness gage is for measuring Ra industrial metrology roughness of a variety of materials including metals, industrial metrology magnetic media, plastics, ceramics.
  • Correlated Solutions - Provides non-contacting optical inspection systems for shape and industrial metrology deformation machinery and tools measurements. Based upon a technique called Digital industrial metrology Image Correlation machinery and tools it allows high accuracy measurements of industrial metrology both 2D and machinery and tools 3D specimens.
  • TaiCaan Technologies - 3D Surface Metrology - Manufacturer of precision surface metrology equipment, offering state-of-the-art non-contact and video machinery and tools inspection non-contact surface profilers and analysis software.
  • LMI Technologies - Provide non-contact laser sensors and systems for measurement and control non-contact and video inspection of industrial systems.
  • RJ Sales and Marketing - Supplier of video inspection equipment.
  • Everest VIT GmbH - Develop, supply and provide rentals of Remote Visual machinery and tools non-contact and video inspection Inspection equipment. Also provide on-site inspection services and machinery and tools non-contact and video inspection training.
  • LaserLinc, Inc. - Manufactures non-contact, precision laser and ultrasonic systems.
  • Ambios Technology, Inc. - Offers surface analysis instrumentation for industrial and academic researchers, such as profilometers. Based in Santa Cruz, California and available internationally through alliance partners.
  • SPG Data 3D - Supplies customized 2D and 3D metrology solutions for machinery and tools the manufacturing industry worldwide. Using image processing non-touch machinery and tools technology, it offers both remote and real time machinery and tools measurement capacity for any size of object.
  • Surface Inspection - Manufacturer of the Flawmaster and Biscuitmaster automatic tile inspection systems.
  • Aeroel srl - Manufacturer of laser systems and sensors for on-line industrial metrology diameter non-contact and video inspection measurement and control.
  • Sensory Analytics - Manufacturer of optical, RF and related sensors and machinery and tools industrial metrology systems to measure color and thickness for control machinery and tools industrial metrology applications.
  • Solarius Development Inc. - Manufacturer of non-contact 3D measurement systems based on industrial metrology laser industrial metrology and optical inspection technology. Products include laser industrial metrology profilometers, confocal industrial metrology microscopes, and metrology software.
  • Strainoptic Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of polariscopes (strain viewers), polarimeters, and automated non-contact and video machinery and tools inspection scanners for measuring residual stress and optical distortion non-contact and machinery and tools video inspection in glass, plastics, and other transparent materials, either non-contact machinery and tools and video inspection on-line or off-line.
  • ADE Phase Shift - Manufacturer of high precision non-contact 3D surface measuring non-contact and video non-contact and video inspection inspection equipment based on interferometry, including laser, white light, non-contact and non-contact and video inspection video inspection and microscope based interferometers.
  • Laser Metric Systems, Inc. - Non-contact, laser and capacitance gaging and measurement systems non-contact and video industrial metrology inspection for industry. Sub-micron distance, diameter and thickness measurement.
  • Origin Technologies Corporation - LaserGauge is a non-contact, portable, laser-based profilometer for automatic identification industrial metrology and analysis of pitting, wear, corrosion, step height, angles, industrial metrology gap, flush, welds, fasteners, rivets, and scratches.

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