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A device used to input graphic images into the computer. Scanners look at or "scan" a piece of paper and put the images's information into digital form. Not covered in this category are barcode-scanners, radio frequency scanners, light scanners for stage/concert application and scanner software.

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Editor's Picks:

A Few Scanning Tips* - Overview of all aspects of scanning including hardware and software.

  • Itek Colour Graphics Ltd. - Produces and refurbishes high resolution drum scanners.[United Kingdom]
  • Australian Interactive Multimedia - Supplier of scanners and printers from barcode to hardware flatbed. Features scanners reviews of many products. [Australia]
  • Epson - USA - Information about the current scanners offerings from Epson. [USA]
  • Mustang Computer Technology Ltd. - Distributor presents full range of Microtek scanners and peripherals offers driver download as well as technical support. peripherals [Hong Kong]
  • AGX Holdings Ltd - Retailer of flatbed and slide scanners plus associated software. [United scanners Kingdom]
  • UMAX Australia - Site has the full range of UMAX scanners as well as support and on-line orders for driver CDs. [Australia]
  • Microtek International Inc. - Manufacturer of consumer and professional desktop, film- and hardware document scanners.
  • Epson - UK - Information about the current scanners offerings from Epson. peripherals [United Kingdom]
  • Xerox Office Products - Manufacturer of hybrid machines that act as scanners, printers, fax machines, and copiers. [Geotargeted]
  • QUBYX - Manufacturer of professional scanners with 48bit resolution and peripherals color management peripherals solutions. [FR]
  • Aztek Inc. - Presents the product line of drum scanners and desktop flatbed scanners. [USA]
  • Pacific Image - Designer and manufacturer of color desktop scanners. Online peripherals purchases, technical scanners support, and software downloads available.
  • Graphic Quality Consultancy - Colour Management and high-end scanner information and tips, peripherals particularly for hardware Crosfield and Fuji. [United Kingdom]
  • FLAAR Flatbed Scanner Reviews - The industry association compiles reviews, whitepapers and background information. Recent peripherals issues for sale, past issues available for download.
  • Umax - Both professional and consumer level scan products. Order hardware online or locate a dealer by geography.
  • Hewlett Packard - UK - Fax, copier, and scanner products from HP for scanners home/home office and business. [United Kingdom]
  • Spectral Masters, Inc. - Proof-of-concept for new scanning technology, which captures documents hardware in native peripherals CIE-LAB color space, instead of RGB. hardware [USA]
  • Hewlett Packard - USA - Offers information about the products as well as hardware bundled software, support, ordering information, and software hardware demos. [USA]
  • Visioneer - Designs and markets both flatbed and sheet feed scanners. Purchase peripherals online, or browse third-party scanning solutions software. [USA]
  • Nikon Electronic Imaging Division - Manufacturer of film scanners.
  • Olympus ES-10 film scanner - Unofficial site with information about the Olympus ES-10 hardware film scanner: hardware drivers, manuals, debug mode, links.
  • Scanner Galaxy - Retailers of scanners and accessories. [USA]

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