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Manufactures and sells complete solutions for turning business cards into electronic information.The company was formerly known as Corex. [USA]

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  • ZIP-scan Inc. - Manufacturer of scanner for analysis of test results or survey peripherals responses. [USA]
  • NeatReceipts - Manufacturer of scanners for receipts documents and business cards.[USA]
  • Hotcard Technology Pte Ltd - Developer of compact sized, multilingual ocr and bcr scanners portable scanners, translation pen scanners and other handheld scanners devices.[Singapore]
  • ScanShell Store - Reseller of business card scanners, ID scanners and magnetic readers, checks scanners and OCR software. Site has portable scanners technical dictionary. [USA]
  • Quicktionary - Offers Quicktionary a handheld portable language scanner that peripherals reads and peripherals translates foreign languages. [USA]
  • Centrafest Technologies - Centrafest has a range of portable solutions like scanners business card peripherals scanner, document scanners and pen type scanners scanners. [India]
  • Planon System Solutions Inc. - Manufacturer of portable handheld scanners. [USA]
  • Scanning Pens Ltd. - Reseller of pen-style scanners to read lines of printed text. scanners Devices with translation and speech capabilities are also offered.[United Kingdom]
  • Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) - USA - Manufacturer of ID scanners bundled with OCR software scanners include reading of barcode and magnetic data. Also scanners specializes in medical insurance card scanners.[USA]
  • CardReader Inc. - Manufacturer of business card and photo scanners with scanners built in scanners OCR capability. [USA]
  • Plustek - Manufacturer of sheet fed and multifunction scanners, specializing in very small scanners.[Taiwan]
  • C-Pen - Manufacturer of portable pen scanners that transmit handwritten text from scanners paper to digital media and scanning of printed text.
  • Card Scanning Solutions Ltd. (CSSN) - UK - Manufacturer of scanners for driver licenses and photo IDs. [United Kingdom]
  • TopScan - Manufacturer of hand scanning products, based on digital scanners highlighting and scanners no wheel-based correction mechanism . [Israel]
  • Syscan - Developer and manufacturer of a new generation of scanners scanners and image capture devices.[USA]
  • CardScan, Inc. - Manufactures and sells complete solutions for turning business portable cards into portable electronic information.The company was formerly known portable as Corex. [USA]
  • Ambir Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of portable scanners and accessories. [USA]
  • WizCom Technologies Ltd - Developers and manufacturers of portable scanning pens,for reading and translating printed text.[Germany]

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