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Dealer of document scanners and associated software. Site features driver download, competitive overviews and whitepapers in the "Help Files" section. [USA]

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See Also:
  • Fujitsu Computer Products - Manufacturer of document scanners. [USA]
  • Datawin GmbH - Manufacturer of optical mark readers and high speed scanners scanners. [Germany]
  • Panasonic Document Scanners - Manufacturer of high performance document scanners. [USA]
  • microform GmbH - Manufacturer of document and microfilm scanners. [Germany]
  • InoTec GmbH - Manufactures scanners in the mid to high volume document range for scanners simplex or duplex mode. [Germany]
  • DoxTek - Solution provider and retailer of desktop document scanners scanners from different scanners manufacturers. [USA]
  • Integrated Imaging, Inc. - Retailer of document scanners and associated software. Glossary on site document explains many industry terms. [USA]
  • Kendata Peripherals Ltd. - Provides document scanners, associated software, and scanning services. [United Kingdom]
  • MIRU Data Systems Co., Ltd. - Producer of a family of digitizers for large document document volumes. [Korea]
  • SCE Software and Services GmbH - Markets SCAMAX scanners and produces scanning software for both UNIX and Windows environments. [DE]
  • Endicott Microfilm - Retailer of document scanners. Offers microfilm services including peripherals disaster recovery. peripherals [USA]
  • Information Management Services, Inc. - Dealer of document scanners and associated software. Site peripherals features driver peripherals download, competitive overviews and whitepapers in peripherals the "Help Files" section. peripherals [USA]
  • Kodak Business Imaging Systems - Offers document scanners, optical storage and archive writer.
  • Bowe Bell + Howell Scanners, L.L.C - Manufacturer of document scanners. Site has archive of scanners whitepapers and document case studies. [USA]
  • ScanTastik, Inc. - Offers on line sales of document scanners, document management software peripherals and other imaging products. Shown are products offered, return peripherals policy and location.
  • EDCO - Document scanning, storage and retrieval solutions. Services, case studies and strategic partner.
  • Scanner One, LLC - Distributor of high speed document scanners from various manufacturers. [USA]
  • Seac Banche - Manufacturer of check scanning equipment. [IT]
  • KAB Scanning Resources - Reseller and service provider of document scanning solutions for businesses. peripherals [USA]
  • Imaging 411 Inc. - Distribution of document scanners, large-format scanners and film-scanners from various scanners manufacturers. [USA]

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