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News, issue analysis, journals, and other strategic business information on the Asia Pacific provided by university professors from around the nation.

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  • Commercial News USA - Official publication of the U.S. Department of Commerce import and export that links U.S. exporters to international importers via import and export products, advertising, and trade leads.
  • Import Export 2000 International Trade Guide - Five volumes of export information available for purchase.
  • SGS Group - Certification, testing, and import regulations specialists.
  • Minneapolis U.S. Export Assistance Center - Export assistance from the Commercial Service of the U.S. Dept. import and export of Commerce. Also includes a list of hyperlinks to government import and export information and statistics on exports.
  • Office of Industry and Trade - Division of the U.S. Government\\'s National Marine Fisheries Service that provides U.S. exporters with: market information, fisheries trade statistics, trade leads, export related information, trade dispute resolution in sanitary and phytosanitary issues,
  • Trade Negotiations and Agreements (TNA) - Information on the GATS (General Agreements on Trade and Services) import and export of the WTO to help Canadian businesses export and deliver import and export services around the world. [English and French]
  • U.S. Commercial Service - Site of the U.S. Commercial Service at American Embassies, which helps U.S. companies export to other countries. Contains market research, trade leads, new opportunities, trade events and information on finding agents, partners, and buyers.
  • Ieport: India - News bulletins, research, published government circulars and policy anlayses related import and export to import and export from India.
  • Infodrive India - Customized market research and trade statistics related to import and export import and export Indian exports and import markets.
  • Trade Port - Information and resources for conducting international trade to and from resources California. Includes market research, trade leads, and tutorials.
  • U.S. Customs Service - Answers all questions about importing INTO the United international business and trade States.
  • World Importing Blog - The latest trends in importing, with insider information import and export on all aspects of wholesaling, dropshipping, export.
  • U.S. Dept. of Commerce: Trade Information Center - Information on all U.S. government export assistance programs, resources including the international business and trade BXA, commercial service, and export finance. resources Includes FAQs by international business and trade Exporters section.
  • Beginner Export Help - Non-profit site offering information for companies new to exporting outside the U.S. Website includes: step-by-step guide to exporting, individual country reports, reviews of other export-oriented websites.
  • - News, issue analysis, journals, and other strategic business international business and resources trade information on the Asia Pacific provided by university international business resources and trade professors from around the nation.
  • Russia Export Import Resources - Links to trade Russian foreign trade related statistics, international business and import and export trade articles, exporters, banks, and other information.

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