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FSBBA is dedicated to the analysis and improvement of business processes in the brokerage, investment banking, insurance, commercial banking industries and related industries.

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  • - Offers stock market trend forecasting and intra-day commentary.
  • Hudson River Analytics, Inc. - Information and contact site maintained by a fundamental investment research investing firm serving institutional investors.
  • - Offers free delayed share prices, news, portfolio, and charts, on business major European Stock Exchanges in eight different languages.
  • Optima Investment Research - Providing trading recommendations, and news analysis, on the investing financial and investing commodity markets.
  • Calvert D. Crary - Litigation Notes - Provides investment research for financial institutions and hedge funds, specializing business in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and high technology litigation.
  • Morningstar, Inc. - Offers investment research. Covers stocks, funds and college research and analysis savings plans.
  • Valuenotes - Provides Indian equity research, business, financial and stock market information.
  • Trading - Offer trading ideas on stocks and derivatives listed business on 8 investing financial markets in Europe and the business US.
  • Performance Analysis - Investment performance analysis, concepts, example calculations, spreadsheet solutions.
  • Schwartz Finance - Analysis and research covering US, European and Russian research and analysis business capital markets.
  • Amanita Market Forecasting - Forecasting service based on astrology.
  • RJ Falkner and Company, Inc. - An investment research and financial communications firm.
  • Contingency Analysis - Consultant in financial risk management, contingency analysis and research and analysis business financial engineering.
  • French Observatory for Economic Forecasts - Macro economic studies and forecasts on the OFCE business official web site. Publications available online.
  • FirstCap - Technical and economic approach to investing in the business stock and the bond markets. Home of the business FirstCapital Oscillator and FirstCap Trader.
  • InvestSense, Inc. - Introduces concept of forensic financial planning to allow investing investors to investing detect unsuitable investments.
  • dailyVest, Inc. - Offers web-based portfolio analysis for financial institutions, recordkeepers, 401(k) plan administrators and aggregators.
  • Financial Services and Banking Benchmarking Association - FSBBA is dedicated to the analysis and improvement investing of business business processes in the brokerage, investment banking, investing insurance, commercial banking industries business and related industries.
  • Battle Road Research - Investment research firm focused on the technology and research and analysis education sectors. Provides an independent perspective on small research and analysis and mid-cap stocks to fund managers and analysts.
  • Dortmund Intelligence Project GmbH - Provides portfolio optimization, manager selection and consulting services. Offices in Dortmund and Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Asia Market Research - Articles, news, and resources for conducting market research in Asia.
  • Oceaniashares - Provides research and analysis for small investors, family research and analysis investing trusts and investment clubs.
  • Stelar International Inc - Scans every issue in each predefined end-of-day Metastock business directory for current Elliott waves.
  • - Long term fundamental and technical data and charts research and analysis investing on stocks, indexes, commodities, the Federal Reserve and research and analysis investing sentiment indicators.
  • Global Markets Trader - Risk management, trading systems and technical analysis in business the global investing financial markets.
  • Artac Advisory - Independent resource for analysis of the stock and business futures markets.
  • ValuEngine, Inc. - Advanced methods, models and investment applications for valuation business and risk management.
  • Zacks Investment Research - Firm focuses on equities earnings estimates and stock investing analysis. Offers tools for the individual investor including investing newsletters, stock screening, and personalized portfolio trackers.
  • Sun Capital Research Co., Ltd. - Specializes in investment research and management for emerging research and analysis investing markets in Asia. Covers private and listed equities. research and analysis investing Bangkok, Thailand.
  • e-Clarity LLC - Provides business research on companies and corporations. Including background investigations, investing due diligence and market research, and public records searching for investing corporation, company and individual profiles.
  • Quantnotes - Research information and data on bonds, options and investing futures.
  • Visao Financeira - Financial, investment and economics research site with free working papers research and analysis and many indexes and rates.
  • - Provides reporting on European ABS, MBS, and CDOs. investing Provides contact, transaction and performance data of the investing underlying collateral assets.
  • Ilios Partners, LLC. - Provides securities surveillance and investor relations support to business corporate, investment banking, and investor relations consulting firms.
  • BlueRat - Provides access to proprietary trend indicators for main research and analysis world indices, currency crosses, and stocks on Warsaw research and analysis Stock Exchange, Poland. Enables immediate insight into market/stock/currency research and analysis status. Available in English and Polish.
  • ProphetFinance - Intraday and historical charts and data for stocks, futures and business options.

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