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Interactive application that presents complex financial information in a visually revealing, graphical framework that delivers instant insight into the strengths and weaknesses of stocks and portfolios.

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  • TickerLog - Software that can be used to keep a software journal of stock trades as well as to software analyze past trades.
  • Neural Network Stock Prediction - Software that uses a three level neural network which provides stock quotes and historical backtesting to make a prediction.
  • TradeLogger - equity curve & money management - TradeLogger is a free system for managing capital investing using equity curves. Excellent for day traders or investing swing traders.
  • The Value Investor's Resource - Allows users to search companies based on past investing financial performance.
  • Churr Software - The Stock Investment Guide (SIG) is a investing tool for investing performing fundamental stock analysis of investing publicly traded companies and investing determining buy, hold, and investing sell prices.
  • Spredgar Software - Microsoft Excel addin that creates financial ratios and research and analysis research and analysis graphs from EDGAR 10-K and 10-Q filings for research and analysis research and analysis quick study of Securities and Exchange Commission filing research and analysis research and analysis data.
  • Landlord Software - Analyzes real estate investments and rental property cash flow, profitability, investing and rate of return.
  • ChartSmart - Investment software package for stock charting, screening, and research and analysis research and analysis researching securities on the major US and Canadian research and analysis research and analysis stock exchanges.
  • Associative Neuron Systems - Neural network software for Stock and Commodities.
  • Portfolio Monkey - Provides free online portfolio management tools to help average investors investing optimize their portfolios and find customized investment ideas.
  • Businesscase - The spreadsheet templates allows computation of direct and full allocated margin, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and return on investment (ROI).
  • Norbury Financial Systems - Research management software addresses the issue of information overload by helping investment professionals to index, organize and extract data that is relevant and valuable to their specific investment strategies.
  • Spireframe Software - Software to analyze stocks using performance ratios, estimate the fair research and analysis value of any company.
  • Stock Trading Software - Stock trading software for short term swing trading.
  • Market Timers - Software for market timing. Offers a free demo.
  • Conscious Investing - Stock investing and analysis software used to screen and sort investing companies for potential investment.
  • The News Trader - Software that uses news stories to pick and software display potentially profitable stock trades.
  • Trader's Risk Management Guru - Money management, asset allocation and portfolio optimization software software for investors and traders, identifying and establishing a software balance between risk and opportunity.
  • AIQ Systems - Provider of artificial intelligence based technical analysis software software to individuals investing and professionals. The software analyzes stocks, software bonds, futures, mutual funds investing and ETFs.
  • Checklist Investor - Individual investors can work through checklists that are software generated by the software according to different investment software strategies.
  • ValueTrekker - Software that provides professional quality research and financial research and analysis analysis to help you make informed investment decisions.
  • FinPro - Software program that allows you to perform detailed financial forecasts and analyses and in-depth accounting case studies.
  • Purelogix Corp. - Internet based compliance software process designed to shield mutual fund dealers, brokerage houses and investment council from “improper supervision” lawsuits brought against the firm.
  • Baseline Financial Services - Interactive application that presents complex financial information in investing a visually revealing, graphical framework that delivers instant investing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of stocks investing and portfolios.
  • Piatek Software - PortfolioTK provides quantitative statistics and portfolio tracking.
  • Stock NeuroMaster - Software that uses neural networks and other artificial intelligence technologies
  • Financial Modelling, financial data in excel - Download updating stock quotes, financial statements, estimates, price research and analysis histories into excel.
  • IC-FinEval - Risk assessment and decision making software including IC-MinEval for the software financial evaluation of mineral projects.
  • TIPS Inc. - Fixed income analytics software development tools. Provides research and analysis software fixed income calculations software for the financial services research and analysis software industry.
  • Style Research - Stock portfolio analysis and graphing software.
  • Forum Digital - Developer of the Xpose3 Platform aimed to support integrated portfolio research and analysis analysis and reporting processes for investment management firms.
  • Microaxis - Software application that enables quantitative developers and financial engineers to research and analysis model and deploy financial analytics in a controlled and easy-to-use research and analysis environment.
  • Portfoliopedia - Internet-based financial tools for analyzing and ranking portfolios and comparing risk-return scenarios.
  • Gann Trading - Software for applying the strategies of WD Gann.
  • Sharepricer - Software for fundamental analysis, not technical analysis of market movements. Sharepricer calculates fair value for the company share. It is also possible to compare what kind of expectations are present in the market prices of different companies.
  • High Growth Stock - Software tools that perform comparative analyses of many research and analysis research and analysis groups of securities.
  • QuantRunner Software Inc - Offers backtesting software for investors.
  • ZEMA Suite - Data management and analysis for investing in energy investing sectors.
  • ExitPoint - Stock portfolio management that allows you to track your investments software and set sell strategies for each stock in your portfolio.
  • Altreva - Software for creating market simulation models for price forecasting of investing real world stocks and other securities. Thousands of competing and investing adapting trading bots collectively generate trading signals.
  • ExcelForex - Excel based trading software developed for trading in foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and indices.
  • Tao Analytics - Investment software technology for the investment management industry.
  • Profile Analyzer - Software that allows users to search market scenarios research and analysis described by any combination of economic events, price research and analysis relationships, news items, technical studies.
  • Pertrac - Provides software solutions for investment management analytics and software workflow management.
  • Addaptron Software - Decision support software for investors to pick the software best stocks, maximize performance, and manage portfolios. Prediction software is based on fundamental, technical, and timing analyses software together.
  • Trend Catch - Subscription based software that computes the short term software market trend investing for day trading the E-mini futures software and the FX spot investing market.
  • PocketNumerix - Develops PocketPC software to manage and analyze portfolios of bonds, software options, option spreads and hedged stock positions.
  • J-Chart Wiki - Provides training for the J-Chart software program. Teaches traders how investing to incorporate the power of J-Chart into their trading style investing quickly so they may profit from it. Provides one on investing one training and a home study course.
  • Aorda - Develop custom-designed risk management and portfolio optimization software
  • Market Technologies - Offers VantagePoint trading software which uses neural networks investing to forecast prices.
  • StockReflex - Improve your technical analysis skills by virtually trading research and analysis research and analysis stocks while replaying their historical stock charts.
  • Trade Method - Stock investing and analysis software used to develop software stock investment strategies by using advance technology such software as artificial intelligence to analyze stocks.

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