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  • Equity Rider Stock Trading System - Subscription service with daily trading signals using long term trend analysis.
  • Stock Fetcher - Interactive application provides unique, value-based, pattern matching to screening search stocks.
  • Stock Screening - Offers technical screening software which includes a full technical daily report.
  • Turning Point Screening - An end of the day stock screener that technical analysis presents screening the results of more than 30 technical technical analysis screens.
  • Equinal - End of day stock market data analysis software tool. Equinal available currently is for National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.
  • Stock Ciphering - Screens for cup-with-handle formations and other bullish signals.
  • Super Stock Picker - Canadian stock picks.
  • IQ Chart - Stock charting software with real-time quotes and a technical analysis sophisticated screening stock screener.
  • Wall Street Signals - Over 7,000 stocks are scored with red, yellow research and analysis technical analysis and green signals and scores to screen potential research and analysis technical analysis trades.
  • Stock Scores - Scores stocks based on technical indicators. Screen stocks with over technical analysis 30 technical indicators.
  • Channeling Wave Stocks - A newsletter providing stocks that are trading in a channel with a potential for predictable profits.
  • Filter Trader - Real-time stock scanning software for serious traders.
  • ScanTheMarket - Home of the ScanScript scanning language which allows screening complete scans technical analysis of the market while it is screening still trading.
  • AI Stock Charts - Stock chart analysis by combining technical analysis and research and analysis artificial intelligence.
  • Market Filters - Stock market analysis and rating reports based on technical analysis advanced research and analysis scoring models.
  • NavStock - Offers automated stock monitoring and alerts.
  • Market Screen - Customizable stock screening and alert system, providing daily filtering of research and analysis US stock market data. Daily email reports.
  • Stock Comparator - Compare, screen, sort and correlate U.S. traded stocks.
  • StockScanPRO - Professional EOD stock screener. Advanced dynamic EOD stock technical analysis scanning research and analysis with many supported exchanges.
  • Share Filter - Stock market screening software along with several free reports.
  • Buzzing Stocks - Technical screeners, charts and other tools for the Indian stock research and analysis market.

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