Software Strategy and Forecasting Management

Develops, markets and supports integrated line of statistical software products which enable users to effectively bring marketplace and enterprise data to bear on decision-making.

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See Also:
  • Cash Focus Pty Ltd. - Australian developer of financial software for budgeting, analysis, costing and strategy and forecasting balanced scorecards.
  • WinForecast Professional - Cash flow and financial forecasting software. Winforecast is a financial management modeller providing integrated forecasts of profit and loss, balance sheet, management cash flow, funds flow and ratios.
  • Forerunner Systems - Provides inventory forecasting software to the direct marketing software industry.
  • Lokad Demand Forecasting - Forecasting add-ons for eCommerce, accounting and ERP software strategy and forecasting software (20+ third party applications supported). Sales forecasts. Inventory strategy and forecasting software planning. Staff scheduling.
  • ALT-C Systems - Business forecasting systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and strategy and forecasting management sales force automation environments with offerings that include strategy and forecasting management TimeTrends e-Forecasting and TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse.
  • Smart Software, Inc. - Provides enterprise forecasting and planning solutions. SmartForecasts automatically forecasts sales, product demand, and service-level inventory requirements. For manufacturing, marketing and financial plans.
  • E.Ditor Consulting S.L. - Offers pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets for pro forma forecasts.
  • Data Perceptions - British software company specialised in the development of sales forecasting, management planning and budgeting software.
  • Cube Software Limited - Produces Procast, a software package for demand forecasting management and planning based on Oracle Personal Express.
  • StrataView - Decision support system designed for the corporate sales, software marketing, and finance environment, with integrated sales forecasting software and reporting.
  • Demand Works Co. - Offers browser based collaborative demand forecasting, supply planning, strategy and forecasting strategy and forecasting and OLAP data analysis software.
  • John Galt Solutions, Inc - Business Forecasting and Demand, Inventory, Sales and Operations management Planning software software for mid to large sized businesses.
  • EZ Numbers - Provides an Excel template for business pro forma strategy and forecasting and forecasting.
  • Alyuda Forecaster - Forecasting software based on neural networks for general software purpose business and financial forecasting.
  • Advanced Decisions Software - Provides a sales and expense modeling program for strategy and forecasting use on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • SAS Forecasting Software - Provides a full range of forecasting methods, including software exponential smoothing, Winter\\'s method, Box-Jenkins modeling, dynamic regression and interventions. software A point-and-click Time Series Forecasting system offers software automated model-fitting and forecastin
  • Autobox - Time series analysis and forecasting package with tested Gaussian software assumptions.
  • Alight - Provides business planning and financial modeling software and education services.
  • Manhattan Associates - Provides vendor managed inventory solutions for the retail management industry.
  • ForecastPro - Forecasting software for professionals in sales, marketing, finance management and manufacturing. ForecastPro uses proven statistical forecasting methods.
  • SPSS Inc. - Develops, markets and supports integrated line of statistical software products software which enable users to effectively bring marketplace and enterprise data software to bear on decision-making.
  • Release Technologies - UK based firm, offers sales forecasting and profitability modeling software.
  • Forecasting Software Survey - A survey from OR/MS Today magazine, as of strategy and forecasting February 2003. Contains some practical concerns in selecting strategy and forecasting forecasting packages.
  • Delphus, Inc. - Software for demand forecasting and inventory replenishment planning in manufacturing, distribution and retail.
  • iPredict - Sales forecasting software. Uses custom digital maps, analog strategy and forecasting management and spatial regression to predict and perform “what strategy and forecasting management if” analysis for selected sites.
  • Forecasting Software Reviews - Prof. Len Tashman\\'s site with a reference list of software reviews covering forecasting and forecasting-related packages.
  • Adaptive Planning - Provides hosted budgeting, planning, and business forecasting software applications.
  • Mikan - Provides decision support software, forecasting tools and Excel management add-ins.

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